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    Types of Web forms and reply

    Need some input on web form. There are 2 ways (1) https://secure.cic.gc.ca/ClientContact/en/Application/Form/69 or (2) https://secure.cic.gc.ca/enquiries-renseignements/canada-case-cas-eng.aspx I used 2nd one twice to get my application number as I never got AOR with the application number...
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    Working as IT Consultant in Canada

    Hi I am based at Alberta ,PR of canada. I am planning to work as IT consultant/contractor. I do have one contract to provide IT relates services to company in Canada. They are asking my GST number. I do not know how to get GST number. This is first time i will be doing this as i always worked...
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    5/6 months Canadian Born baby travel to INDIA

    Hello I need help on understanding visa requirements for our baby girl who is right now 5 months old born in canada. We both ( Parents ) are currently holding Indian passport and PR of canada. Mine citizenship application in In process. My wife and baby planning to travel india for 4 /5...
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    Any one came across this on E-CAS

    Hi All, May be i am over expecting or eager to see Test Invite on my ecas but like to share something that may or may not be logical. Until yesterday on my e-cas with my UCI I was able to see Two status of two different applications. One was completed ( Family sponsorship) in June 2017 but it...
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    Do i need to Submit PCC ???

    One Quick check about police clearance certificate. 183 or more days spend in last 4 years immediately before the date of application. I signed my application on 05 Sept 2017 . So if I count 4 years back from 2017/sept /05 to 2013/sept /05 . I came back to Canada in aug 11 ,2013 since than...
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    Alert : Form Chaned

    Atten: For those who are applying new Form : Document Checklist (CIT 0007) (PDF, 308.02 KB) is updated with date change: Aug/2017. Use new check list.
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    Need Help on understanding Income Tax year for application

    As per guide line it say " You must have filed income taxes, if required under the Income Tax Act, for four (4) of the taxation years that are fully or partially within the six (6) years before you apply for citizenship. Complete the table for the past six (6) taxation year(s), indicating...
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    New Application for CIT-0002 issue

    Hi New august 2017 version of CIT-0002 for adult is up on website. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/adults.asp I filled information on this form but it does not allow to save form with all filled in data. Does anyone tried to save form with data/info ?? Please update me
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    Need Help on understanding Income Tax for application

    Hello I am planning to send application to CPC in august end. Little confused on Income Tax year. I am eligible based on 4 years rules. But I can not provide 2017 income tax proof as it will be filed in march 2018. If i am not making mistake in understanding than CIC need proof of tax file...