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    PR Renewal Local Office 2019/2020

    I am creating this thread so applicants from 2019 or 2020 who have their PR Renewal Applications at local office can share timelines. If your application has already been processed, still share your timeline to help others get an estimate. Below is my and my children's timeline: ME Applied...
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    PR Card Urgent Renewal for Children

    I have applied to renew the PR Cards of my children, one is 17 years old and the other one is 16 years old. Their case, however, has been sent to the local office. Both of them have lived in Canada for 4+ years and all the schools records etc are present. Below is the timeline: App recieved...
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    Additional information for pr card renewal

    I submitted my application for pr card renewal in July and it was received and started processing on July 19, 2019. On September 18, 2019 I have received an email from CIC and they have asked to proved photocopies of passport pages for the last 5 years, entry exit records from countries of...