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    AINP/ Change in Profile

    Hey Guys, I need you help :) I received my AINP nomination on 12th Oct and i submitted my documents (while i was working dull time in India) on 28th November. The current status of my application is "Submitted" On 5th of January i Quit my Job and moved to Arizona, USA to pursue my masters...
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    Please check my Cover Letter for visa reapplication

    Hi, My SDS student visa was rejected on 21st Jan, on the basis of "Purpose of visit" Please check my cover letter below and give your feedback and the required changes :) To, The Visa Officer High commission of Canada Subject: Study Permit Reapplication with explanations for File No...
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    Need Help for refiling after CAIPS

    Hello experts I finally got my CAIPS notes today. The reason behind my refusal is "I have reviewed all information before me. The client has submitted transcripts in order to substantiate their academic proficiency. I note poor grades throughout the client's transcripts. On balance, and with...
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    Please Help. Visa Rejected

    Hey guys, I Applied for my SDS study visa on 16th January and unfortunately got a rejection on 21st January on the grounds of Purpose of visit. The important details are down below. X - 76% XII - 74% Btech Civil( 2017 Graduate) From Manipal Univesity, India - 56% IELTS - 8.0 overall GRE - 313...
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    Query Regarding Student Visa

    Hi, Do we need the transcripts to apply under the SDS category, or the semester mark sheets and degree certificate would be enough to file the visa application?
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    IELTS Validity

    Hi :) I'm planning to file my visa for May intake, by the end of this month. However, my ielts is expiring on 24th feb. Do i need to retake my ielts, or i'd be good to go? Kindly help me out.
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    Seeking Help For College Selection

    Hey guys I've received an offer letter for Project Management from Cambrian and Georgian for the Jan Intake and from Conestoga for same course for May intake. Which one is better according to you guys? Considering the fact that i've already paid the 1500CAD seat reservation fee for Conestoga...
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    Canadore College Jan2020

    Hello Guys, I've received an offer letter for Supply Chain Management for Jan'20, and on the offer letter it is mentioned that the delivery location of my course in Brampton. However, i'm not able to find any review, photo or even location of this campus on the google maps. Does anyone of you...