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    Students for Winnipeg ????

    Greetings all, Anyone going to study in Winnipeg?? Lets connect with each other... Please share your application status as well Thanks,
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    Travel with expired medical

    Greetings Everyone, I have received my PPR and passport will stamped soon. My medical is expiring on 3rd July 2022. I took help from IRCC approved lawyer within Canada for medical questions. He suggested me that I don't need to give my medical again. It will extend another 1 year if...
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    niagara college canada toronto Tuition Fee Refund process time?

    Greetings Everyone, Asking behalf of friend, One of my friend got refusal Dec 2021. She applied through agent in Niagara college Canada Toronto. The agent is saying that refund application already submitted to college and will take 60 to 90 days to get money back, Its been more than 4 months...
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    Urgent Canada Boarder information required

    Greetings everyone, Asking on behalf of friend, He got admission in Jan 2022 intake. He got his visa and passport is also stamped. His first semester is online. Can he travel to Canada now and attend classes online from Canada. Will there be any issue at boarder? He got his online St Clair...
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    Information needed for travel

    Hello friendsss, Hope everyone is well. I have a query on behalf of my friend. He got Jan 2022 intake letter of acceptance from St clair college and approved for study permit back in December. The passport will stamped by next week. The college team said him to register for classes back in...
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    Is my score good for MPNP for SWO

    hello friends, I have 563 score based on all factors. I am interested to apply MPNP through blood relation. Is this score is enough? what are other factors to increase the score. Please share your suggestions.. Thanks
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    Urgent suggestions needed 3 time refused misguided case

    Greetings friends, I would like to discuses case of mine friend who already received 3 refusals. I saw his case and he was misguided to select his program. He done 12th with arts stream. he applied through agent and selected network administration program at CIMT college which is private...
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    Important question regarding expired passport..

    Hello Friends, I am about to apply my study permit. My last passport was expired back in 2018. Can visa officer ask for scan copy of all pages of expired passport? Thanks,
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    Question on Canada Biometric without application

    Hi friends,, Is there any way that I can book my Biometric appointment before submitting my application. As, I can see dates are being full very fast and I will be submitting my application end of next week. Please give me suggestions... Thanks,
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    IELTS expired application in process SDS

    Hi friends, Asking on behave of friend, His application is process since November 2020 and his IELTS is expired in May 2021. Will his application will processed normally and considered it complete application? As, IELTS, GIC and 1 Year tuition fee is key for SDS category. Please give your...
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    GIC First Name No space allowed question

    Hi friends, I have opened online GIC account with Scotiabank. There system does not allow space between 2 first name. So, I have used hyphen to separate the name. So, my name on passport is ABCD EFGH but, on GIC account, its showing like ABCD-EFGH then my last name. As per the instructions...
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    Need help for study permit application

    Hello Friends, I have got offer letter from MITT ( Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology ) for software developer program. I will apply under SDS. My previous Profile 12th non medical 70% 2014 Diploma in computing Leve 5 & Level 6 from New Zealand ( 100% mark from Level 5 and awarded...
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    Need Help Applying study visa under SDS with GT IELTS

    Greetings Friends, I am from India Punjab. I M applying visa soon after paying my tuition fee and GIC. I just got the offere letter from MITT college for Software developer program few hours ago. My Profile - 12th non medical with 72% Diploma in computing level 5 & 6 from New Zealand ( about...
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    Technology Programs Aptitude Test - MITT for Admission.

    Hello friends, Today i have TPAT test to get admission in one of program in MITT Winnipeg. Can anyone guide me that what kind of questions will be there? Anyone attempted it before? Please guide me if you have any information about it. Thanks,
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    Niagara College Covid Travel issue urgent help needed

    Greetings, I have received offer letter for Niagara college with DLI number O146982877972 which is Toronto campus. I have checked this DLI on Canada.ca for traveling after visa approval but this DLI is not showing under the list. They have some other campus with DLI O19396019469 which is...
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    Need Help on Damage Passport

    Greetings, My passport is damaged by accidently with water. I want to renew it. This is my second passport and valid for 8 years. My question is, will I get same passport number or different? because when I renewed my passport 2 years back then, I got new passport number and they mentioned old...
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    Student Visa with illegal stay in another country...

    Asking on behalf of friend, He went to ITALY on work visa which was valid for 6 months. After that, he over stayed for 1 and half year. He was not deported from country. He left the country himself and didn't get any fine by ITALY immigration while coming back to home country. There was stamp of...
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    Need urgent Information about IELTS on defer a program

    Greetings, I have applied my visa on 15 October 2020 and still waiting for immigration response. I applied for Jan 2021 intake but then i defer my problem to March 2021. Now, again i need to defer my program and my IELTS is expiring April 2021. Will college or immigration ask for updated IELTS...
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    Need help for recent changes in Quebec college suspension

    Greetings, I have applied my study visa on 15 October for Jan intake. My college name is CDI Montreal. I am still waiting for decision. I have read on Quebec Immigration website that some application is suspended until 31 march. My college is one of them. Is it for new applications only or in...
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    Need Information for recent changes of college suspension

    Greetings, I have applied my study visa on 15 October for Jan intake. My college name is CDI Montreal. I am still waiting for decision. I have read on Quebec Immigration website that some application is suspended until 31 march. My college is one of them. Is it for new applications only or in...