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    Indian Citizen currently visiting USA, can I apply canadian tourist from USA?

    Hi, I have a situation, I got married three months ago and had applied for a canada visa before marriage which got rejected.I also applied for a USA visa which I got. My husband is a Canadian PR holder and we have already applied for a Spousal PR application and the Sponsor my husband just got...
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    Very Unique Situation for Sponsorship, please help?

    Hi, I am getting married next week. My fiance applied for tourist visa and it got rejected twice from India. She got a US tourist and will be coming there. Should I apply the tourist visa the third time declaring my marriage from USA? Also if I plan to visit her every week in Buffalo, she plans...
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    Inland Application and Work Permit

    Hi, Earlier if someone applied an Inland application, it was not considered safe to travel outside the country. Now with the new rule for Work Permit will this restriction be removed as currently on work permits can. Also will a person be eligible to apply for health card as most of the people...
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    Outland Application and Tourist Visa

    Hi, I am a PR holder getting married next month to a girl from India. She already has a canadian tourist visa. I plan to file her application immediately after our marriage. Then in 15 days, she plans to accompany me back to the country on a tourist visa. She will go back to India after 6 months...