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  1. ashpash22

    Illness on landing?

    Hello, My common law spouse is landing this Friday, (we applied Outland so he is landing via air at YVR) and he’s suddenly very worried about his landing because he got a tattoo last week that has swollen and he can’t walk very well. He’s going to the doctor tomorrow to find out if it’s...
  2. ashpash22

    All documents are ready for submission, except for proof of intent?

    Sounds like you’ve got some good evidence! We also wrote in our letter about why we chose Canada as a place to live over the place we were in and what our plans were to sell our belongings and how we had no work ties or assets in Australia that would prevent us from moving. We mentioned how we...
  3. ashpash22

    More info about relationship - need your opinion&knowledge

    I think you have to imagine that you are called for an interview and they start asking questions about your marriage, it could be very difficult for you to make this make sense to them. They will ask about a honeymoon and they have asked people before if they have been intimate and questions...
  4. ashpash22

    Help needed

    Yes, but add more to it. I wouldn't just send the exact same thing as it could be a case of they want more information and if you only send the same thing then it will look as if you don't have anything else to provide. Possible things to include to show intent to move: -A written detailed...
  5. ashpash22


    Send the photos and passport page for the COPR and wait and see when they send you the COPR, they should be aware of this and have changed the date for you. If you receive the COPR with an expired date then you'll need to contact them. But that shouldn't happen unless someone has made a mistake...
  6. ashpash22

    Common law inquiry

    For #1, yes do either of those, that should be sufficient. How does she pay you for the rent? Do you have any bank statements that show money being transferred? You can print copies of that as proof. What types of documents do you have regarding the business together? Any permits or bank...
  7. ashpash22

    Medical Results!!!

    It will change to say something like "Medical results have been approved"
  8. ashpash22

    Received PPR but GCKey not changed

    Nice! We'll be in BC as well. I grew up there. :)
  9. ashpash22

    Received PPR but GCKey not changed

    Congrats! If I remember correctly we had similar timelines (we might have been a week or two ahead of you?) So exciting you're nearly there! Our GCkey didn't change until we got the COPR issued so don't worry!
  10. ashpash22

    Spousal sponsorship

    Our Outland app took 6 months from start to finish and I've read of many others who had similar experiences but it seems that anything less that 7-8 months is a "best case scenario" and most of those people submitted very detailed applications with no hiccups along the way. Even still, there are...
  11. ashpash22

    Address history question-help

    If he can remember the street or neighbourhood then you should include that information at least. Some people have suggested trying to look for your old house on Google maps and get a guess of where it was that way. He should at least list the years when he lived somewhere else and if he really...
  12. ashpash22

    Spousal sponsorship

    It can take 6-9 weeks.
  13. ashpash22

    Spoual Visa

    Go to this page, fill in the information relevant to you, and it will tell you what forms are needed to fill out by both you and your spouse, as well as what country specific forms you may have...
  14. ashpash22

    Help please!

    No, you'll need to fill out all of the forms as mentioned in the checklist, as well as include all of your supporting documents, your passport photos, etc and it will all go in one paper application package which you will mail to Canada. In part 6 of the guide it gives the address.
  15. ashpash22

    Help please!

    You can apply for Outland spousal sponsorship, read through the CIC guide for the best and most up to date information first, and come back to the forum when you have more specific questions...
  16. ashpash22


    We got our COPR today! So thankful for the advice from everyone on this forum and happy to be finished with the process. Looking forward to the landing date! Here's our timeline: Category: Outland Common-law - Family Class Country applied from: Australia App received: Feb 9/2018 AOR1: March...
  17. ashpash22


    COPR has an expiry date, it's either 1 year from the date of doing your medical exam, or when your passport expires - whatever date comes first.
  18. ashpash22

    Common-law partner. Need help on the requirements

    Start by reading the Guide provided by CIC as that has the best and most up to date information. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/application-forms-guides/guide-5525-basic-guide-sponsor-your-spouse-partner-child.html This wiki page is also very...
  19. ashpash22

    Photo for sponsorship

    Just be sure to bring in the correct photo page with the exact dimensions and they should be able to adjust it for you. Make sure she's brought the right page and the photographer follows it, my partner did his wrong the first time.
  20. ashpash22

    Source of Income- minimum? job offer sufficient?

    Oh sorry! That's still fine, there's no requirements for dependant children either, just thought I was helping clear something but I was obviously wrong. Your letter is still fine. I'd also suggest including something from your work now. For that section we included a couple payslips to show we...