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  1. explorer101

    Enough survival jobs in Toronto & GTA

    Thank you, the programs are quite frequent. It is not run on monthly basis but they have 3-4 programs in a year. The programs are overbooked well in advance. The program is subsidized ,I am not in touch but about 2 years back the fee was $35.
  2. explorer101

    Do physicians check for scars during medical exam?

    Doctor will ask you about previous surgeries. I will recommend you to give details about your hip replacement surgery. It will not impact your application.
  3. explorer101

    child info- deceased- do u need to send birth/death certification?

    Birth certificate is required. No need to state the details of deceased child or send death certificate.
  4. explorer101

    Power of attorney to transfer property in India

    Your daughter will have to give a "Special POA" mentioning the details of the property and power to sell to your son. POA's are required to be notarized by a public notary but in your case you are looking to get a POA to sell immovable property. The land registering authority may ask you to get...
  5. explorer101

    My wife cheated on me. I need to get divorce, please help

    It is a legal matter, I will recommend to discuss with a lawyer.
  6. explorer101


    Re: PR CARD AND GOING OUTSIDE WHILE UNENPLOYMENT At the most you have to pay back the amount you collected while away from Canada. PR card renewal is not linked with it.
  7. explorer101

    Short visit to sweden

    Any visit extending over 6 months is to be mentioned.
  8. explorer101

    Help required for DRIVING LICENCE of ALBERTA

    You did not say that you have a driving licence from India? In Haryana, SDM is incharge of issuing driving licence and if you have valid driving licence from India, concerned SDM will issue an authentication letter. It can not be any SDM, the concerned SDM's office is which issued you driving...
  9. explorer101

    Without driving license authentication letter, can I qualify for G2 license

    Proof in the form of original drivers licence and authentication letter from the issuing authority is required. After 12 months experience is taken into consideration, a person do not have to wait and can go directly for G2 after G1 test. There is no exemption from driving licence...
  10. explorer101


    I am quite happy to live. I am enjoying in Canada. Found the job also. I am Asian but have not died of cold. If you are not happy, make a wish to die alone. Make your own game over. There is no need to wish a meteor to hit Earth. This is a forum where immigration matter is discussed, find...
  11. explorer101

    Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) document

    You can make a request to visa office by stating the apprehension and can also volunteer that you will pay the courier charges.
  12. explorer101


    letter explaining the discrepancy is good enough.
  13. explorer101

    Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) document

    It will be sent by post and you will need to keep it for the rest of your life. CoPR ( original) is required at the time of getting citizen and even at the stage of getting old age pension. As it shows the date of landing.
  14. explorer101

    Sample explanation letter.

    Birth certificate is NOT essentially required. You can file an Affidavit that you do not have birth certificate and your DOB is #######. It should be attested by notary public.
  15. explorer101


    It can be explained as you started working for 2nd company on 3rd March 2008 and then sent resignation letter to the 1st company. So officially you stopped working for 1st company after the acceptance of resignation letter on 19.March.2008 but infact you stopped working for 1st company on 2nd...
  16. explorer101


    You can think about Toronto, it is a good city.
  17. explorer101


    PF is cash and can be taken out, so it is a good Proof of Funds. You may have to get a recent statement.
  18. explorer101


    This quote is very important. Work hard and upgrade are important and key to success. To be a winner stay in the company of winners. Stay positive, plan and execute well and success is waiting for you everywhere including Canada. While in Canada look around, you will be able to notice...
  19. explorer101

    Hidden Reality Behind Canadian PR

    To get an inspiration in life it is always better to read the stories of successful people. This is my 4th year in Canada, I see and meet successful immigrants on regular basis.
  20. explorer101

    Is Skilled Labour Immigration A Misguide By Canadian Govt.

    Success is not guaranteed anywhere, neither in home country nor in Canada. But it depends on an individual. An immigrant Doctor may work as cleaner with a goal to earn money and completing the registration requirements or an immigrant Engineer carries on driving cab and not taking enough steps...