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  1. Immigrant84

    OCI process

    Hey guys. Has anyone here applied for OCI for a foreign spouse? My spouse is a US citizen. Does her birth certificate need to be notarised by the US embassy?
  2. Immigrant84

    US outland applicants' thread :)

    Do US citizens have to submit their passport for stamping after the PPR as well?
  3. Immigrant84

    Should we hire a consultant to help with the paperwork or do it yourself?

    Yes I agree with the member above. DIY! When my wife and I first started looking in to the whole process, it looked very overwhelming & intimidating. We called a few lawyers and consultants and after hearing their fees, decided to do it ourselves ;) Yes its a lot of work, lots of documents to...
  4. Immigrant84

    Downloaded latest Adobe Reader and still can't download and validate forms!!

    Yep, its a weird issue. If you're a PC user, just use internet explorer. It works perfectly fine.
  5. Immigrant84

    OCI process

    My timeline is very similar to yours. OCI applied at BLS Toronto. Date of Application: July 25 Date of Acknowledgement : August 09 Documents Printing Status : Processed on Sep 04 Dispatched from MEA : Sep 05 Received in Toronto : Sep 13 Because I had to travel to US on the 14th, I called them...
  6. Immigrant84

    Advice on 'Relationship information' form

    Thank you for your input.
  7. Immigrant84

    Advice on 'Relationship information' form

    Canadian sponsoring American wife. She lives in Seattle and I live in Toronto. Been together since May 2015, got married in Oct 2016. We have taken numerous trips to see each other. For the question "Are you living together? If not explain why." Is it okay to start the answer with "We are not...
  8. Immigrant84

    Question about 'Notice of Assessment'

    I work as a server. I'm employed full time and make minimum wage + tips. Slight discrepancy. My gross income on NOA is roughly about 18k. In the 'Sponsorship Evaluation' form, I mentioned my gross monthly income to be $3200. That amounts to $38400 annually. Now I don't declare 100% of my tips...
  9. Immigrant84

    Question about 'Additional Family Infortmation'

    The IMM5406 - Additional Family Information Do they require this form from just the principal applicant or the sponsor as well?
  10. Immigrant84

    OCI process

    I applied for oci on July 25, 2017. My question is, how long till I can see my status online on passport . gov website? I can see it on the BLS website, but not on the OCI website yet. Is it normal?
  11. Immigrant84

    November 2016 - Citizenship Applicants

    Haha, thanks bud. I tried adding it myself, but I couldn't figure it out.
  12. Immigrant84

    November 2016 - Citizenship Applicants

    Hey all Just sharing my timeline. If someone could put my stats on the sheet, it would be great. Location: Toronto Application: Ind Physical days : 1482 App sent: Nov 2 App Recd: Nov 4 AOR: Nov 30 IP: Dec 09 Test Invite: 18 Jan Interview: 10 Feb DM: 11 Feb Oath Letter: 13 Feb Oath date: 28 Feb...
  13. Immigrant84

    Applying for PR travel document in Delhi

    Guys, you're welcome to visit anytime. However, we'll be closed from Jan 1-Jan 14. Opening back on Jan 15th. You can make a reservation on opentable.com. or pm me for details. I'll make sure you have a great time here. :-)
  14. Immigrant84

    Applying for PR travel document in Delhi

    Hey thanks for your response! I dunno, I was just reading the posts on this site about people having all kinds of issues with the travel document that's why I got a little weary. It's awesome you went to Lee. Chef Lee opened up a new restaurant in September this year. It's called "Bent" (Dundas...
  15. Immigrant84

    Applying for PR travel document in Delhi

    I became a PR on June 21, 2012. Got a letter from CIC requesting for new photographs so that the PR Card could be issued. Sent the new photographs in September. Card got mailed in Oct, got lost in the mail. I sent a solemn declaration in December. Now it will take 63 days plus the time in the...
  16. Immigrant84

    LANDING IN CANADA ??? -All You Need To Know.

    Hi Q, I'll be landing in Canada on June 22, 2012. My final destination is Calgary. My flight route is Delhi - Frankfurt - Montreal - Calgary. I have a stopover in Montreal and i'll be changing planes. The time between flights is 3:05 hrs. Is it true that i would have to complete my landing...
  17. Immigrant84

    DOUBTS? "Can I 'Land' anywhere" matter -Which POE to Choose !!!

    Hi Qorax, I applied for Canadian immigration under the federal skilled worker program. I had an AEO to go along with my application as well. My job offer is from Taber, AB. My application has been successful and I got the passport back with the visa on May 12. My question is, am I bound to...
  18. Immigrant84

    AEO Question

    I have an AEO Job in calgary. I've filed my application in NDVO & did my medical examination and stuff in the last week of march. My question is, once I reach Canada, would it be mandatory for me to take up that job? Or am I free to look for other/better job opportunities. Regards
  19. Immigrant84

    RPRF draft ecashed mean possibility of visa

    Well we can only stay positive and hope for the best after sending in the Passport, medical and RPRF!