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    India PCC from Toronto

    Did you got any reply? I am in the same situation right now
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    ** CEC Applicants - Aug 2021 - timeline & updates **

    Hi there I got my ITA on 19 august I have couple of question. My employment was initially on co-op permit for 1 month. I have not counted that period for my cec application but in my employment letter they have added that start date considering my co-op permit. I have already added loe...
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    India PCC from Toronto

    Hey I have another question on PCC. My friend recently applied on the portal and send the document it was sent back stating mothers name is not mentioned but in the website it says you are required to mentioned any one of your parents name. So My friend is confused do he need add both name in...
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    **********CEC September 2021 AOR**********

    Please join this thread if you have received AOR in September 2021
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    Saint Mary master of computing and data analytics

    Hey if u still active want to know what they ask in programming test and interview .? Please revert if possible