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  1. lhyyym

    Kitchener local office after Bill C6

    Is it reasonable for the delay?
  2. lhyyym

    June 2018 - Citizenship Applications

    Why do you face so many difficulties? Have you provided a qualified English proof? Did you travel abroad frequently during the past 5 years?
  3. lhyyym

    IELTS original document

    Hi, I am about to go to the interview in June. However, the original document of my IELTS was actually sent to IRCC with my PR application 3 years ago. How could I explain the situation to the officer when I attend the interview? Thanks!
  4. lhyyym

    Passport Stamp Translation

    Hi, I am currently under citizenship application. In my passport, there are some entry/exit stamps in Chinese. Do I have to translate them before interview? If need, can you suggest a trusted translation service near Kitchener or Toronto, ON? Thanks!
  5. lhyyym

    Does a housewife qualify for citizenship?

    If the husband is a student, while the wife stays at home to take care of babies without a job, could the wife apply for citizenship when she meets the resident requirements? If OK, how could the wife certify her residency without study or employment records in Canada?
  6. lhyyym

    Do we need Medical Exam for Visitor Extention?

    My mother will help us take care of our newborn baby. I guess the financial support is the most important.
  7. lhyyym

    Do we need Medical Exam for Visitor Extention?

    Really? But her application has been closed and the visitor record has been mailed to us. How could CIC cancel her visitor extension after she already got the visitor record?
  8. lhyyym

    Do we need Medical Exam for Visitor Extention?

    My mother is in Canada with a visitor visa now and applied for a 1-year visitor extension in August. Yesterday, she got an online message to request Medical Report. However, today, she got another online message to say her application has been approved and her visitor record has been mailed to...
  9. lhyyym

    Can not upload documents online?

    Hi, all. I am applying for a visitor visa online. However, when I tried to upload the documents, the following error always shows: "System-generated error code:4HQDCNW4 (2016-02-06 20:53:53) Sorry This on-line service is currently not available. Possible reasons:: We are currently updating this...
  10. lhyyym

    Do I have to buy a round-trip airline ticket before applying for Visitor Visa?

    Hi seniors, I am a Canadian PR and plan to invite my mother to visit my family for a short time. Do I have to buy a round-trip airline ticket before applying a Visitor Visa for her and include the ticket when I submit the online application for her? Thanks!
  11. lhyyym

    Visit visa refused

    Thank you for your reply! Actually, it is our first baby. Thus, could I mention that we want to invite my mother to Canada and share the happiness with her to see our baby's birth. My mother showed CAD$20000 for her living in Canada and the proof of her house, pension and health insurance in China.
  12. lhyyym

    Visit visa refused

    Seniors, My mother's GCMS notes arrived today. And the refused reason is like "Limited/no prev travel, weak econ ties. I'm not satisfied applicant is BF visiotr and wld depart Cda at end of period of authorizes stay. Refused". Could you please guide me how I can modify her application files...
  13. lhyyym

    Where to find a job as electronic engineer

    Hi Seniors, My major is analog circuit design and just got my PR card. Could you please advise me in which cities I might land a job in Canada. Thanks!
  14. lhyyym

    Visit visa refused

    Hi Seniors, My Mom plan to visit my family next February so I applied for a visitor visa for her online 2 weeks ago. However, her application was refused today. The reasons mentioned in CIC's letter are: 1. Travel history 2. Purpose of visit My Mom is Chinese and has not travelled abroad till...
  15. lhyyym

    PR card got lost in the mail

    Hi All, My wife and I did landing together in this July and I already got my PR card by mail at the end of September. However, my wife still has not gotten her card by mail till now. Just called CIC, they said they had already sent her card by mail on Sepember 21st and let her apply for a new...
  16. lhyyym

    Waiting for PR Card after landing - add your case here

    Received PR card today. It seems that the processing time has been shortened largely. :)
  17. lhyyym

    New CEC - Jan 2014 Applications

    Finally, I got my PPR and landed yesterday in Coutts, AB. Wait for Maple card now. :)
  18. lhyyym

    Waiting for PR Card after landing - add your case here

    If I move after landing, may I change the mailing address to receive PR card within Canada?
  19. lhyyym

    How about landing in ABBOTSFORD-HUNTINGDON port, BC

    Hi Senior, I am living in Calgary, AB and plan to do landing in a few weeks after my passport returns. I prefer to land in a border, however, I do not have a driver license so I have to take public transit to a border. I just searched all the land ports nearby, and for me, I guess the most...
  20. lhyyym

    Amended work permit might be lost by mail

    Hi Seniors, Since the occupation item in my wife's work permit is wrong, she mailed her work permit to CIC to request amending in March of 2015. But, 4 months passed, she still has not received the amended work permit. We suspect it might be lost by mail. Thus, what could we do now? Could CIC...