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    Can we take virtual oath while being in other country

    To summarize two lenghty answers from above and hopefully save some time to other readers of this thread: Dpenabil answer to the question is - No.
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    Ontario Citizenship Test Links

    Correct, content on this link is closest to the actual test. And even those questions are harder than the actual test. Read Discovery Canada several times. If you can, visit the Gattineau/Ottawa Canadian Museum of History. That’s a great help too.
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    Flagpole day as travel outside of Canada?

    Yes, you need to enter the flagpole date in the presence calculator absences list. Although I forgot that, but luckily during my interview officer just check marked “Becoming PR” entry in the presence calculator when cross checking passport with presence calculator entries. My application...
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    Wife got citizenship test date but at school in US--valid reason to reschedule?

    I suggest that your wife organizes priorities in her life differently, and put more emphasis on obtaining the Canadian citizenship than on other private or professional matters. But the decision is hers.
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    Original IELTS report card lost..can they ask during citizenship interview?

    AFAIK if you are fluent in English conversation during the interview with the IRCC officer, no one will ask you for the original report.
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    Citizenship application returned-

    Documents should be properly printed and signed, not singed.
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    March - 2019 Citizenship Applications

    That is highly recommended.
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    Citizenship Test and Interview Advice?

    Read my test and interview experience at https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/all-ottawa-october-applicants.543349/page-16#post-6816272
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    URGENT: Translation of Italian visa and stamps

    No, I suggest that you use Google.
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    What was the amount that you pay online at IRCC page before you send your application? Usually is CAD 630 for adult and CAD 100 for minor, so CAD 185 looks strange to me. What was the amount printed on the fee receipt you got immediately after payment? Again it should be CAD 630 for each adult...
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    New Comer to Canada - Issue in getting car finance

    I don’t know your background, driving history, profession or financial situation. Except that you are jobless, in a new country, without an established social network. My advice to you would be - don’t get a loan or a lease, buy an used car that you can afford, and ask for a Carfax report...
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    What is the best website for the citizenship test

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    Can really ordering ATIP delay citizenships process ?

    Of course that it delays. Not just for you, but also for everyone else. IRCC resources that could be assigned to citizenship applications processing are assigned to ATIP processing instead.
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    Mistake on Physical Presence Calculator

    To save reading time to visitors of this forum here is a short summary of above posts. After a lot of speculation, guessing, excluding liability, irrelevant gibberish, and uncited “references” dpenabil suggested withdrawing existing application and reapplying with a new one.
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    flagpolling entry in calculator or not?

    Don’t worry. Exactly that happened to me, no problems. See my interview experience at https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/all-ottawa-october-applicants.543349/page-16#post-6816272
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    Buying a car second day of landing

    This is exactly my car insurance experience.
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    No. It is mandatory to file the taxes according to the CRA related laws and regulations.
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    First car/loan in Canada

    Different people, different opinions. I would never get a loan or a lease to spend it on a consumer goods. Especially on the good that loses 20% of its value immediately at purchase. As a newcomer to the country I got myself an used car. And then years later, when I was able to afford, a new...
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    Buying a car second day of landing

    Yes, you got it right, except that because of your driving history you can skip G2 license and go directly to the G without any waiting period.