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    ** French TR to PR Streams Processing Timelime/Voie d'accès RT à RP pour les Francophones - Temps de Traitement.**

    Stream: International Graduate French (inside Quebec) Submitted: Nov 5, 2021 (Submitted at 3:38pm EST) AOR: Not yet received Biometrics: Haven't submitted before Medical and PCC: Medical Submitted (Old one from study permit (2018), PCC was in processing (attached screenshot) Eligibility: -...
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    >>>>>> 2021 TR to PR Pathway AOR & Timelines <<<<<< Join here

    How did you submit PCC ? along with application or webform ?
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    Full time equivalent work hours from two different provinces

    Hi. I have the same question. My study is going to finish soon. Currently i am in Quebec. If I gain 6 months of experience here and then 6 months in nova scotia in same Noc (Noc B). Then I can count the experience from both provinces if i apply for express entry ? Any senior member's help will...
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    Canada college montreal pgwp

    Hi. My friend is in canada college studying 2 years program of early childhood education. So can they get 3 years pgwp after completion or 2 years ? is anyone got the pgwp from canada college montreal can share their experience please ? Thank you very much.
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    Can I transfer my Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from ICICI Bank Canada to Scotia Bank?

    Sorry for late reply. It can be done with icici bank canada spp application. Thanks.
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    Low marks in maths 40 percent.

    Yes,you can get visa.depends on your overall profile and presentation and most importantly your sop.Good luck
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    Refusal on study permit

    Improve your ielts score to atleast 6.Then you will get visa.
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    Final decision:Your application was approved.

    Because you linked it to online account.so you will not get in mail, but in your account. It will be same,why you are worrying, download it and take 3 print outs of it for showing to border officer and 2 for yourself.
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    Do i need to get another certificate?

    I got it now. They made changes there.
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    Do i need to get another certificate?

    Please reply anyone because i have only 9 days left for my flight.
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    Btw are you from india?
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    Rejection chances are very high. Better to apply for any european country. America and canada are neighbour countries. Wait for ban to be lifted.
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    Do i need to get another certificate?

    Hi, i have work experience letter from 2016 to till date in networking.Do i need to get another letter or certificate saying i left job dated after i got visa?
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    I lost study permit in a foreign county

    You can tell your situation at border services and ask for reissue.
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    Is it possible to get study permit if i already complete 2 years undergrad study in native country?

    In my opinion, you should not disclose your private university education in your visa application as it will put negative impact. Cover that time with something else like an experience or something and you can also write a sop about your situation, but don't write negative things, only positive...
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    If you already got your visa.Then no need.
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    How much money i must show in bank statement?

    These are correct and you can put in gift deed whatever you call it. This is only my opinion, you can also wait for senior members to reply.
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    No need to give exam again, it is valid for 1 year
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    Visa delayed

    You can always use ircc web form to contact them if it exceed processing time. They will tell you the status of your application. Good luck.
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    Visa delayed

    No effect on your visa. Don't worry.