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    Employment Insurance for someone who worked from Canada for a non-Canadian firm

    It doesn't say anything about eligibility of such cases when a person physically in Canada but works for overseas company and then loses his job.
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    CERB for PR who worked remotely from the inside Canada

    Hello All, PR who worked for a company which is based outside Canada but who has settled in Canada since February 2020. Status was confirmed as a resident for tax purposes by CRA office. Cant provide ROE letter but the letter from the employer states my position became redundant due to COVID-19...
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    Applying for parents visit visa - any hope?

    Just wondering if anyone has ACTUALLY recently applied for their direct relatives visiting visas? Any luck? Since PM mentioned that the requirement for only essential travels has been abolished.
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    RC66 and RC66SCH

    Hello, I need a piece of advice. PR, 1st baby born in March. Filing those forms only now. 1) I mentioned my status as a newcomer because despite the fact I have received my PR in 2018, I have been a non-resident for tax purposes and I assume that 2020 would be my first tax year. Is it correct...
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    Filing taxes by non-tax resident?

    Hello. Landed with my spouse in Feb 2018, left the country in 2 weeks. No residential ties ever since. No tax treaty between Canada and Qatar where I currently work. I didnt do any tax return since I was classified as non-resident for tax purposes. In Feb 2020 arrived to Canada (took a...
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    Which courier to use to deliver PR card from Canada abroad?

    Yeah, my went through Cincinnati...so I guess its a HUB facility for Ontario...not sure
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    Which courier to use to deliver PR card from Canada abroad?

    Yes, yesterday they picked it up from Canada, today afternoon I have my PR card in Saudi. That's fast. DHL is excellent.
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    Which courier to use to deliver PR card from Canada abroad?

    Howdy! Was wondering which post company I can use to send PR cards from Canada to me (Middle East)? I believe I can use Aramex, which company else?
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    Proof of Funds while Landing in Toronto - please share recent experience!!

    They didnt ask me anything. Didnt show them anything. Waiting for my PR card
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    New PR card for new residents - approx time and status?

    Hello, I did my landing on the 14th of February, so I was wondering how much time it currently takes to receive PR card (on the website it's indicated as 57 days)? Also, how can I check on the status of my PR card?
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    Re-entering Toronto without PR card, just landed

    When I was there it was freezing. Up to u
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    Re-entering Toronto without PR card, just landed

    I dont think so since it's just a taxi. If u r okay with the price, I guess it should be ok.
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    Re-entering Toronto without PR card, just landed

    Everyone on this forum and in accordance with CIC website tells that you can rent a car or ride a bike (just kiddin) through the border. U cant use any public transportation. Be prepared to spend an hour while crossing the border. I did not go to NYC but I went to Niagara Falls, so I would...
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    Re-entering Toronto without PR card, just landed

    Hi, I just did not go. Was too lazy to bother myself with it. The only option to return to Canada is to rent a car in Buffalo and drive to Toronto. It will cost you around 240USD.
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    Re-entering Canada without PR Card, only CoPR and passport - by plane

    Thanks, what about a transit flight through Toronto?
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    Re-entering Canada without PR Card, only CoPR and passport - by plane

    Are you sure? I am in the same situation, currently staying in Toronto, however, I want to visit NYC for a week. I just landed so my PR card is not yet ready. I was thinking of using a car rental to go back or I am not sure if I can go with Greyhound bus.
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    Re-entering Toronto without PR card, just landed

    Hi All, My question is pretty much the similar to what I have seen here. Can I re-enter Canada without PR card. Landed last week. Have my CoPR and a passport. I want to go to the USA and return back in a week. So, as far as I know my options are as follows: 1) travel to Buffalo and then walk...
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    Medical Surveillance Undertaking

    Hello, We have landed in Toronto last week, ordered pr cards, received SINs, bank accounts. I was wondering if my wife can complete MSU after we leave Canada for time being. The requirement is to do it within 30 days after landing, the thing is I contacted tb nurse in public health authority in...
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    Applying for transit visa to enter Toronto from the US

    Hello All, I am travelling to Toronto soon to activate my PR card, however, I currently work and reside not in my country of citizenship but in Middle East. So, I just want to activate my card and to return back to Canada for permanent living next year. The plan is to take a vacation (2 weeks)...
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    Travelling back to Canada with no PR card issued

    So, with COPR you can travel using private transportation, can you apply for PRTD if you are a newcomer?