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  1. RabinJi

    Help me

    Hello Everyone, I just completed filling one of the forms to renew my PR card.And when i click to validate, it isn't validated so nothing came after i click validate. I see save, reset form and print form, so if I click reset form means everything would be disappear right, please anyone could...
  2. RabinJi

    PR application Returned

    Hello everyone my full application to renew my PR card is returned by mail because of signature and date is missing. So my question can injust sign it in the same returned application and send to them or I need to fill all the forms again.Does that the fee helps if I send again? Rabin
  3. RabinJi

    Super Visa got Rejected

    Guys my parents super visa visa got rejected today after 5 months. Below is the letter from officers so kindly advised me what to change in their application if i apply again and the processing times would be the same or faster Dear Ganja Bahadur Karki, Thank you for your interest in visiting...
  4. RabinJi

    Expired Passport

    Hello guys today I am about to submit my application to renew my PR card but I just noticed my passport is expired so do I have to renew it before applying for renew or is there any option?And do I have to write my name in the two photos? I would be really appreciated if someone could answer my...
  5. RabinJi

    Super Visa 2022

    Hello everyone kindly share your timeline here who have applied parents super visa on January 2022 my timeline Application submitted 19th January 2022 Biometric Request 20 th January 2022 Biometric Completed 28 th January 2022 Medical Not Requested yet No updates after January 20,2022
  6. RabinJi

    Pr card expired

    Hi everyone One of my friend’s family will be travelling to their home country on coming Tuesday,but today they have noticed that their Pr card is already expired so my question,is there any way to travel on that day? Rabin
  7. RabinJi

    Visitor Visa

    Hi everyone I am going to apply visitor visa for my brothers who are outside Canada and I almost uploaded his all documents,should I have to upload the form 006? Thanks
  8. RabinJi

    Help please

    Hello Seniors, I am applying visitor visa for my youngest brother to come to come Canda.I have few questions 1.Proof of means of financial support,for this is it ok if we upload only pay stubs,employment letter,4 months bank statement or what else he needs to upload? 2.Travel history section-...
  9. RabinJi

    Visitor Visa

    Hi @Bs65 i am applying visitor visa for my brother who is outside of Canada.I almost finished his application and now I am in upload section.So I have few questions could you please help me? 1.what should i upload in travel history field? 2.He is a self employed and he has a Hardware shop so i...
  10. RabinJi

    Ielts vs Celpip

    Hello everyone, Is ielts and celpip listening exams is same? Thanks
  11. RabinJi


    Hi folks does anybody knows about CLBPT exam.If anyone in this group gave this test then please guide me. I have booked this exam on September 3.I am not aware about this format at all.But I only need 7,7 Speaking and listening and 6,6 in writing and reading.I am going to giving this exam for...
  12. RabinJi


    Hi seniors to apply for citizenship of Canada,should i need to submit all the 4 module or just speaking and listening?And how much score should I need to obtain for this?Or i do have one when I had applied for PR. Thanks
  13. RabinJi


    Hi guys To file pr is ielts required for husband.I have a friend who is in Canada and he just spornsered his wife here in Canada and they want to file PR through PNP.They lives in BC. Thanks
  14. RabinJi

    Visitor Visa

    Hi guys I am right now in Canada and got PR already so I would like to invite my sister in law and his families in visitor Visa.So can you please guide me how to apply i mean by online or with the help of VfS? Thanks Rabin
  15. RabinJi

    To obtain PR

    Hi Everybody i have one question,My relatives got 8 years multiple visa of Canada.Right now they are in their home country.So is there any way to obtain PR if they come here in their multiple visa? Regards Rabin
  16. RabinJi

    Signing problem

    Guys anybody facing signing issue in my cic account.I am trying to sign in my cic account now and it says you are not signed in.Your login session is either invalid or has expired.Even i have saved my user name and password in my laptop. Rabin
  17. RabinJi

    Urgent Help Guys

    Guys i am primary applicants and currently residing in Canada but my dependents are in my home country.I received my Ready for Visa on 14th June 2017,So in my PPR letter it was clearly mentioned to submit the passports to Ottawa along with my accompanying dependents .Again i had called to the...
  18. RabinJi

    Passport Request second times

    Guys has anyone received PPR email two times,I got one on 14 June and just now I got another one.Should I worry or not. Rabin
  19. RabinJi

    Request to change Visa office

    Guys yesterday i have received my PPR email in one year from CPC Ottawa,In my PPR letter it is clearly mentioned to submit the passport of my dependents in Ottawa,But currently they are in my home country so yesterday i have sent email to CPC Ottawa requesting to change the visa office to my...
  20. RabinJi

    Background check is completed

    Guys last week when i called to IRRC the agent told me my background check is completed.So how long does it takes to receive PPR?Others like medical criminal and eligibility is already passed,Tomorrow it will be one year since AOR. Please let me know if anyone had same experienced before...