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  1. zagcollins

    Contact Information for Tourist Visa

    Applying on behalf of parents - can I use my email ID and contact information? I am guessing the answer is yes.
  2. zagcollins

    Mumbai University ECA Update

    Ok, so an update as far as Mumbai University attestation procedures are concerned. 1. It is the Churchgate branch, NOT Kalina. (Been established in the past, making sure that it's the same) 2. The good news is that current processing times are excellent - I went there today (on a Monday) and...
  3. zagcollins

    WES vs ICES

    Is there any difference in quality of service? I mean any errors by either, then giving people the runaround, etc. or even stories of exceptional service. While I am aware that all evidence is completely anecdotal, I'd still like to hear them nevertheless. Never heard of ICES before, while WES...
  4. zagcollins

    Primary or Separate?

    Aloha guys, just joined the forum. I am about to embark on the journey of getting a Canadian PR (our family is just me and the missus) in the near future. I just have one question at this point in time: Would it be better to apply separately or should I become the primary applicant (my...