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  1. arunesh.vikram


    Kindly share timeline & any correspondence from IRCC in India...
  2. arunesh.vikram

    Foreign workers who's file is being processed at NDVO(New Delhi Visa Office/Embassy)

    Hi all, This thread is for all those whose Work permit/Spouse Open work permit immigration visa file/application is processed/transferred to New Delhi Visa Office/Embassy and to discuss current status & any related items. If any update received. Please provide the timeline too. Thanks,
  3. arunesh.vikram

    (Delayed) Closed work permit application India Online

    Hi all, I submitted my closed work permit on 14th February. Is there anyone who submitted his/her application recently and please share your timeline. My timeline : 14th February : Application submitted online 15th February : Received Biometric request 18th February : Biometric completed 27th...