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  1. toffboss

    Passport request Manila

    Hi i am just wondering what fees i need to pay for passport request to Vfs in manila? I checked in their website but its confusing. Thank you!
  2. toffboss

    TO ALL KABABAYANG PINOY - Share you Landing experience here!

    Hi mga kababayan! Pa share naman po landing experiences niu pra may idea naman po kaming maglaland plang. Maraming Salamat po!! Godbless sating lahat! ;D
  3. toffboss

    need some advice

    Hi guys! Can anyone help.me with this scenarion. This is for my wife's cousin Here it goes. My wife's cousin is a Canadian Citizen, divorced from her first marriage with one child in her custody. She sponsored her husband 7 years ago. Her fiancee is a naturalized US citizen, also divorced with...
  4. toffboss

    do not reply to this thread. Admin please delete this topic

    thread for May 2015Applicants outland. Lets share here for now while the old thread is gone. :)
  5. toffboss


    Lets start fresh for Manila Visa office timeline. Nakakalito na sa haba ung old thread.post you timelines and any updates. Lets share the Pinoy love!! Mabuhay mga kababayan!! ** Thanks sa suggestion by Mrs. L!
  6. toffboss

    what happened with the threads?

    Just checked into the forum today and i noticed the old threads im folowing are gone. What happend?