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    Label documents in citizenship application

    I had a cover letter and i also printed on coloured paper,separator pages based on the checklist for each of my applicants ( Me, Spouce, Kids ), and clearly titled what it was. eg Photocopy of Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM5292) Person A, etc It certainly isn't asked for but i did this...
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    Just to confirm - We need to sign only twice?

    You don't have to sign the additional pages but you can if you wish. I never signed the additional sheets i submitted. It was accepted without any issues.
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    When can you apply for canadian passport after taking an oath in toronto area?

    I was told during my oath that we needed to wait 2 days before applying
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    Colour of test invitation letters

    Took test on 4th at 7.45. No idea if Mississauga is still doing this but i do believe there were a few of us who were issued with the Oath letter on that day. Recognized a few faces from the Test day during the Oath ceremony
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    Colour of test invitation letters

    Colour is irrelevant and more likely based on what paper stock a particular office has. The test invites i saw others holding at Mississauga office during my test was all white and NO other colour. The oath invites issued after the interview were white as well.
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    Interviewer on Test Day?

    No idea but some of the interviewing officers definitely do have the authority to give out Oath letters at the end of the interview.
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    Ottawa "family" applicants attended test or interview - please respond

    Interesting how each office differs. In Mississauga we sat separately for the test but were interviewed together.
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    Sending additional documents with initial application (NOA, T4s, etc)

    My reasons for adding additional documentation was that as per some posts in this forum, my spouse had all the factors for an RQ. Unemployed for 2 years and employed in the last year prior to submission. The ID proof submitted - 1 was issued 1 month prior to application submission, the other was...
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    September 2014 Citizenship Application

    I just sat my test and passed 20/20. Mine was a family application and in our case (Mississauga office), Both my spouse and i were interviewed together ( even though we went prepared for separate interviews as per other posts seen here ) The officer checked the COPR form, verified our original...
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    Sending additional documents with initial application (NOA, T4s, etc)

    i applied with family in Sept and i included additional documents - NOAs , T4s, 1 random payslip from each quarter ( so 3 in total ) and a confirmation of employment letter with my app and spouse did the same. We did not get RQ and we sit the test next week.
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    'Present' or the signature's date put in 'from - to' column?

    i used DATE without any issues
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    September 2014 Citizenship Application

    Mine was a family app and my spouse got the Test letter today while still no sign of mine >:( Oh well lets hope my letter is in tomorrows mail :D Letter dated 17 February, Test date in Mississauga on March 4th Checked Ecas and its still on the 3rd line.
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    Documents submission at first stage

    As long as it is the general version and NOT the Academic version of IELTS, you should be fine. CIC does not accept Academic versions of IELTS anymore
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    September 2014 Citizenship Application

    LOL didn't mean it as such but based on those other posts i had been religiously checking my email every day since the Nov 8th to no avail
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    September 2014 Citizenship Application

    I mailed in my app on 4 sep and it reached CIC on 8th as per Canada Post. I have received in the mail today (9th Dec) an acknowledgement of receipt letter which is dated 18 November along with the study guide. Read a lot of comments previously how CIC was supposedly sending AOR and study guides...
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    $1000 credit card from TD

    I have been seeing ads from Scotiabank offering 5000 in unsecured credit card for new immigrants through their start right program.
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    [Fixed] 2014 Citizenship Spreadsheet

    Thanks Paco, Great Job
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    September 2014 Citizenship Application

    Well it isn't, Scroll across to where there is the option for family/single, number of days etc Thats all messed up for everyone. Originally this spreadsheet was listed by date but whoever did the sort by location didn't choose all the cells and hence the mess/mismatch
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    September 2014 Citizenship Application

    Well sadly that spreadsheet is now all messed up. Looks like someone did a sort by location and stuffed everything up. I find some of my info missing Anyone have the original ?
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    PR:2 yrs in 5 years;Citizenship:3 yrs in 4 years;HealthCard:5months in 12months

    Since you have 40 days already, Subtract 690 days or 692 days to be on the safer side from 1st Nov 2016 and whatever date you get is when you should return for good