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  1. cprak0

    Address history for soft landing

    I had the actual address we were to live in, the AirBnB address. At the immigration, they always ask the address to send the card to, and they never asked how we would be going to Nova Scotia after landing in Toronto! The PR card reached our friend at NovaScotia (I guess, I wouldn't recommend...
  2. cprak0

    To renew or not renew PR card?

    Expiry of the PR card doesn't have anything to do with your status as a PR! If you don't plan to leave the country until you get your citizenship, you don't really need to renew the PR card.
  3. cprak0

    Address history for soft landing

    I did the same several years ago. I gave the actual address of the AirBnB like accommodation, although I had a friend's address in a different province as the address for the PR card! Didn't have a problem with the processing of citizenship application 4 years later!
  4. cprak0

    Travelling to India with Indian and Canadian passport

    The grace period means NOTHING. The moment you get the Canadian citizenship, the Indian citizenship is invalid. Yet, you must "surrender" the passport for a ridiculous fee. The grace period is probably just that you can hang on to the passport, caress it for 3 months before you surrender it...
  5. cprak0

    OCI process

    If I were you, I would surrender Indian passport and apply for the OCI right after receiving the Canadian passport. Almost definitely you will have your OCI well before December, provided you get the Candian passport even by September 2018! We were to travel to India this July, applied for...
  6. cprak0

    Help in Citizenship process for Indian PR holders

    You don't have to pay any fines for not having renewed your Indian passport. If the Indian passport expired before you even applied for the Canadian Citizenship, you would just have to add a cover letter saying that you let the Indian passport expire and that you did not acquire any other...
  7. cprak0

    English Language Proficiency Proof

    CLB placement is not a proof of language even if you scored 12 on all sections! Approved third party scores are the best. No questions asked. Else, have a diploma from US/ Canadian Universities.
  8. cprak0

    Should I go for Citizenship, Very confused ?

    No, Indian Government figured they had found a duck that lays Golden eggs. Every Indian that becomes Canadian seems to go for the OCI whether they need it or not! $250 for a surrender certificate and $300 for a single OCI application. OCI is just a longer term visa!!
  9. cprak0

    Application returned last night! incomplete and need help

    They need passports for all the 5 years preceding the date of application. Just a cover letter saying that you didn't apply for the new passport early enough, so the gap.
  10. cprak0

    DM to Oath, the actual truth!

    The bottleneck in most places is the shortage of Citizenship Judges. Ottawa didn't have one until I checked last.
  11. cprak0

    Canada Family sponsorship - Bizare logic!

    Easiest option is to apply for the super visa, a 2 yr multiple entry visa while you have wait for the lottery...
  12. cprak0

    Is it an offence to advise in forum

    Dpenabill's words are apt as well. Again most cases are usually straight forward and really don't need an agent representation. It is for those people that this forum does the best.
  13. cprak0

    Is it an offence to advise in forum

    I had an agent for my PR application when I didn't know the existence of this forum. Oh, I so wish I had known this existed. There are way more knowledgeable people on this forum and ready to help for free than the agents who apparently want to just fill the forms and pocket their money. They...
  14. cprak0

    Language Proof for Citizenship

    Again the CLB score as such is not a valid proof of proficiency in the language. A certificate from the CLB of having attended ESL (if English) classes to have then attained an acceptable score is the proof they are looking for. A third party language assessment score is valid, though, even if...
  15. cprak0

    Proof of language for Citizenship- Transcript is must or copy of certificate

    It certainly helps if you also include the Canadian equivalence certification by ICAS or some such. Everybody does that for getting a job any way. You could also mention that the teaching was all in English. Again, that said, the safest option is to have a CELPIP LS score. Lot cheaper than...
  16. cprak0

    Indian Emergency Visa (Vancouver (or) BC Surrey ) for REGINA resident

    Check this out http://www.cgivancouver.org/pages.php?id=31 Forget about not surrendering Indian passport for now. There will be a small fine when you do that later... If the Indian passport is still valid you could use that to fly out to India and return to Canada with Canadian passport. The...
  17. cprak0

    Travelling shortly after oath

    I need to concur. This seems to sum up your best options. Balance modifying return flight through US or get expedited passport.
  18. cprak0

    Indian Passport was expired so how can my wife go to india for medical emergecny

    Emergency passports are made within days. But with limited validity. You would have to get the regular one later...
  19. cprak0

    Citizenship processing times by country of origin?

    All this interest dies down once one gets the citizenship, until somebody else initiates this again, as it is with most questions on this forum.