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    Surname change on PR CARD - need expert advise

    Hi Did you get the name changed on PR card for your wife? I also need to get mine done, but I am not sure how to go about it. Do i need to apply for a new PR card? How much time will it take to come? Thanks
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    Proof of 'Landing Funds" >>>

    when we landed the form asked for whether you were carrying $10000 or more per person....as far as i remember.... and since we had 2 bank drafts, we didnt have to tick that part!
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    For all in good jobs- Please think before landing

    I would like to share my experience here..... When we decided to move we knew that it can take us a while to get jobs here....though my husband had US experience in accounting/ finance and was MBA.... and i also did my mba from USA.... but we were prepared to wait 6 months to get a job. I...
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    Any Cheap Car Insurance

    we have from state farm...they considered our G license...but we showed them proof of no claims driving record from USA (from where we moved)
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    Can I bring over the counter medicines with me?

    I had some medicines with me.... didnt declare them..... and nobody asked about it as well
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    Job search- what a dilemma!

    Hi Rubyalabar Can you please provide me a little guidance as to how did u get the job? where did u apply for it? I am also looking for jobs but no luck yet..... any help will be much appreciated Thanks
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    New passport with visa on old passport - Qorax, PMM... please advice....

    I dont have the number with me, but you can go on their website and its mentioned there, alongwith the times at which u can call
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    New passport with visa on old passport - Qorax, PMM... please advice....

    Here is my experience My husband was the primary in our case... his visa was in old passport and we had to renew our passport cos of 1 year validity issue....as we were planning to travel to india. We were staying in the US. We were supposed to land in first week of april and our lawyer told...
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    Renewed Passport before Landing - Help Please!

    mmushtaq yes we landed in canada in 1st week of april only..... with a valid visa on cancelled passport!!
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    Renewed Passport before Landing - Help Please!

    We traveled in the same situation... my husband had his visa on his old passport, but the visa was valid so we cud enter with both his passports.....they didnt ask us anything at all.
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    Proof of 'Landing Funds" >>>

    I think its like a credit card only....so in my opinion you should be better off carrying POF as TCs or draft.....
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    LANDING IN CANADA ??? -All You Need To Know.

    Air india also allows 2 bags per person and is direct flight!
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    Never got my PR Card

    i thought they take ur address at the airport itself!!
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    Landing experience

    CBSA - canadian border security agency..... I think u shud be fine if u carry both of her passports, but get it changed if u have time.
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    Form B4 (Goods to Follow/Accompanying List): How to ???

    I landed from US, noone asked there.... but whenever i got jewelry from india to US noone asked me!! so i think u shud be fine n dont need to do anything at indian airport!
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    Form B4 (Goods to Follow/Accompanying List): How to ???

    For jewelery i just wrote the price i bought at, and that too approximate.....they didnt ask me whether it is appraised or not....they were just worried abt the pictures.....