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  1. Classical_beat

    Sponsoring an orphan sibling query

    I would like to sponsor my half sibling who is under 18 and orphan. Need to clarify the following points: Does the person needs to be under 18 only at the time of sponsorship application or by the end of all processing? Processing takes time, what if the person become 18 by that time? How to...
  2. Classical_beat

    GCMS of a friend ..

    One of my friend received his GCMS . There is one thing which Counterfoil Required : Yes and at the end of the GCMS there is Notes ... Can anyone predict anything ?? Notes Notes: 1 Created date : xxxxxx Created by :xxxxxxxx Updated date : xxxxxxx Updated by : xxxxxxxx Restricted : No Label ...
  3. Classical_beat

    Need Help From Seniors .. regarding a reply from VO

    My case status is IP with processing date on March 20,2012 .. But there was a line that," We sent you a letter on March 20,2012 " So I sent a case specific inquiry on April 24 asking them about the letter since I didn't receive any letter yet .. Here is the reply from the VO which I receive...
  4. Classical_beat

    How many people get Decision Made again ??

    Is this a glitch or what again .. why ???
  5. Classical_beat

    GCMS received !!!!

    Today I received the GCMS ..some things are not clear .. like What they mean in the due date and Ministerial Instruction.. Right click on the picture and click view image so that you can see the note.
  6. Classical_beat

    What does it means ??

    When I click on NOC 0111 here http://www5.hrsdc.gc.ca/NOC/English/NOC/2006/Occupations.aspx?val=0 it says Results : 0 The NOC code you have entered is invalid. Please enter a valid NOC code or consult the Occupational Descriptions link. ??? ??? ???
  7. Classical_beat

    Again Decision Made

    How many times e-cas will show decision made? It was decision made before then they remove this line. Then it was only Application received. Now e-cas is showing both. They put the adress also. I'm freaking out. Why on earth its decision made again.
  8. Classical_beat

    A little help needed

    well I sent a case specific enquiry on Januray 30,2011 about the recently updated e-cas and Today on January 31 they replied. My email was : " I am so confused with the recent update of my e-cas which has updated on Jan 25,2011. My e-cas was "Centralize Intake Office Review Complete" before but...
  9. Classical_beat

    New rule for IELTS

    EFFECTIVE December 23, 2010: If you are submitting a language test with your application, the results are now valid for 2 years from the time you took the test, instead of 1 year. This change applies to Federal skilled worker, Canadian Experience Class and Business Class Immigrants (investors...
  10. Classical_beat

    Is anybody having problem with checking ECAS status???

    I don't know but I cannot check my ECAS status with my new file number. It says we are unable to find any information. But I can check with my old file number. Is anybody having the similar problem?
  11. Classical_beat

    ~~Full Documents sent in October 2010 ~~

    This thread is for those,who have sent their full documents in October 2010 . Lets share the time line. All the best to everyone. :D