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  1. viveks

    Help and advise for a friend - Canada PR aspirant

    All, I know this thread is a sore thumb, and I apologize in advance. A close friend of mine who currently resides in UAE, has recently created his Express Entry Profile. He has Human Capital Age score of 70 Level of Education score of 126 Language proficiency score of 99 Skills...
  2. viveks

    Forum Moderators - Please opine

    I love this forum and every member who contributes despite their daily lives. All I am asking is, is there a way to further create subforums within? Currently it is: Canada Immigration Forum > Immigration to Canada > Express Entry / Expression of Interest > Start new topic Suggestion...
  3. viveks

    Urgent: Unable to get UAE PCC - Please advise

    Dear All, We received our ITA on the 2nd of November. Today is the 23rd of December. We applied for PCC for India, UK and UAE. The first two were relative breeze. However UAE PCC is proving to be a whole different ball game. The primary applicant (My spouse) applied for her PCC in UAE online...