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    Super Visa 2021

    Can anyone tell me documents required for super visa I would highly appreciate that
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    New PR confirmation portal

    For me as well its Ottawa No need to worry Its not relevant
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    PR card time line through pr confirmation portal..!!!

    Try exact same thing thats in your passport Including commas and space
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    PR card timeline (Etobicoke office only)

    Where are u located? Thanks
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    New PR confirmation portal

    Try emailing them during business hours To the same address from where u got ur first email Nd they have mentioned Not to make account on their own as it can cause delays. Thanks
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    Copr delays

    Finally i got my Copr after 26days of waiting submitted everything on Aug 5th Vlu OSC
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    Virtual Landing Unit (Only) > Credentials > PR timeline

    Did u email them regarding the delay?
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    Copr delays

    No i didnt , Dont know what to do. have you??
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    Copr delays

    I uploaded everything on portal Aug 05,2021 No copr First email came from VLU OSC
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    Copr delays

    Pls join who are waiting for their Copr
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    New PR confirmation portal

    whats the email address , where we can send the enquiry Thanks
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    PR confirmation portal timelines

    I am waiting since Aug 5th for ecopr Vo- VLU OSC
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    New PR confirmation portal

    Waiting for copr since 5th Aug Got first email from VLU OSC