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  1. toronto_dream

    Funds at POE

    Hi Frnds, I am planning to travel to Canada later this year. Can somebody pls help on my below query: Understanding the volatility in Forex market particularly INR v/s USD/CAD and to avoid any exchange loss, i am planning to keep my money in my Indian account and take the account statement and...
  2. toronto_dream


    Guys, I am starting this thread to share the updates around passport return post decision made. To start with, here are my details Applicant Initial App Medical Request PPT/Docs submission Decision made VISA Date PPT return Toronto_dream 14-Apr-10...
  3. toronto_dream

    Minimum stay requirement for PR

    I have heard from some unconfirmed sources that there have been recent changes which now require PR making landing to stay in Canada for a minimum period of 3 months. Is anyone aware of this recent changes. I might be wrong but need seniors to help.
  4. toronto_dream

    Pls somebody help in interpreting GCMS/CAIPS

    Hi Friends, I received my GCMS today. Can anybody help interpret the same. Eligibility assessment: 1 Type: Selection Status: Passed Total Points: 74 Eligibility assessment: 1 Type: Ministerial Instruction Status: Met Status date: 14th May, 2012 Criminality Created date: 14th May, 2012 Type...