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  1. WunderCat

    On implied status. PGWP expired, BOWP submitted. How to renew SIN?

    Applied for PR, Applied for BOWP. My employer told me that my SIN expired and I won't be able to get paid without active SIN. On IRCC website it says that I can continue working with my expired SIN and can apply for a new one when i get a new permit. So I am somewhat confused where it leaves...
  2. WunderCat

    Waiting for PR. BOWP question

    I've applied for my PR back in February. I've been asked to do Biometrics but since everything is closed, I am not able to get it. So my application carries on 1% a day I guess. Estimate date is August 20 and my PGWP expires in the end of July. I think I have to apply for an Open Work Permit...
  3. WunderCat

    Do I need to update my banking information

    Hello, I've been with CIBC bank since 2013. I switched to a different bank and moved my assets. I already applied for my PR and sitting at 59%. Do I have to send a letter, explaining that switched banks? And the reason. Mostly because of no-fee banking.
  4. WunderCat

    Biometrics from within

    I've received my biometrics letter on March 2 and had to complete it by April 2. My appointment was on March 25. Right now I was given 90 days instead of 30 (like anyone else) but the offices are still closed. My deadline is probably around May 31 - June 2. I know that offices are closed...
  5. WunderCat

    Physical presence in Canada (Does study/PGWP count?)

    I am so sorry, if this question was asked here previously. Probably was. I on't know to properly formulate it. So basically the question is in the title. I arrived to Canada 7 years ago. Spend 4 years studying and on my PGWP currently. I saw somewhere in the news (from 2017) that they would...
  6. WunderCat

    What is a Job Offer? Inland

    So I've been asking for a while around about this topic and couldn't really get a straight answer because people say one thing, CIC website states another and so on. So, I have 2 years of Canadian Experience. The question is: Can I claim points for Job Offer? I am reading through this...
  7. WunderCat

    CELPIP materials

    Hello! I took CELPIP for a first time back in January and got S9 L9 W8 R8. I only went through their free practice test and some YouTube guides n tips videos. I also took IELTS and got a little bit lower mark (my overall was around 7-7.5). I am planning to retake CELPIP and would like to...