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  1. Seym

    Minor citizenship application 5(1) or 5(2)

    5(2) is specific for minor kids of Canadian citizens, or if sent with the parents application as a family package. Since you and your wife are PRs, not citizens, and applied already, you have to go with 5(1) for your kid.
  2. Seym

    Key Question about Citizenship Application

    Noone can say how your specific application will go, but you're entitled to go wherever you want, as long as you respect both : - The physical presence obligations right before sending your application (3 out of 5 years) - The PR residency obligation till the day you become a citizen (2 out of 5...
  3. Seym

    Disavow portion of Citizenship oath

    Thank you for the lesson. You may have skipped the part where I say that OP has to pronounce the oath and move on. :) That's the practical answer regarding the oath as it is now, nothing more and nothing else. Also, quite funny to list a semi-presidential republic and a parliamentary republic...
  4. Seym

    Disavow portion of Citizenship oath

    Not sure why some answers to OP are rude. The main reason Canada doesn't discuss the monarchy much is procedural (changing the constitution is pretty much impossible at this point), but a sizable portion of citizens is actually in favor of becoming a Republic, according to polls before queen E2...
  5. Seym

    Application for Canadian Citizenship - A Comprehensive Guide

    Trust yourself. January 2015 was more than 4 years ago. Only the last 4 years matter here. Unless you went to US for 6 months in a row between September 2018 and today, you don't have to provide it.
  6. Seym

    Application for Canadian Citizenship - A Comprehensive Guide

    @Rhbcc not sure why you're confused. Only you know how much time you spent in USA since you came here. If at any point in the past 4 years you spent more than 6 months there in a row, give it, if you only went there for shorter periods, or not at all, you don't need to provide it.
  7. Seym

    URGENT HELP: online physical presence calculator

    No need for a single entry for Bahrain. If you go to 2 or multiple countries in the same trip outside Canada, list one entry with the first country you visited, and just specify all others in the explanation box for that entry.
  8. Seym

    Question on minor 5(2) citizenship application returned - document missing

    To be honest, I have no idea if it's doable and if IRCC can process a family application made separately and both online and via paper. Maybe give IRCC a call if you want to give it a shot...
  9. Seym

    Question on minor 5(2) citizenship application returned - document missing

    You need to use the 5(1) application here instead. 5(2) only applies if one of the parents is already a citizen, or if all applications were sent together in a family package, which isn't your case. Just reuse the same receipt for the treatment fees and send a new complete 5(1) application...
  10. Seym

    So this is what we will be pledging allegiance to

    Relax, I'm sure you've seen way bigger jabs at the queen in the past few days. It's not that important :) The only thing that matters in the whole thread is to just go along with that oath IRCC asks people to recite, at least as long as the citizenship act requires this.
  11. Seym

    Electronic Canadian certificate (e-certificate)

    Interesting. Thanks for letting us know.
  12. Seym

    So this is what we will be pledging allegiance to

    If it makes OP feel any better, the deceased monarch paid all her palace servants very poorly. https://www.insider.com/palace-living-wage-staff-salary-2022-1 Monarchs tend to be popular, but that has more to do with the position they hold than their intrinsic qualities. That being said, and...
  13. Seym

    HELP! Interview coming.. missed 12 days in physical presence!

    Days before becoming a PR by still within the 5 years period immediately prior to sending your application, count for half a day of physical presence, with a max of a year, and also participate to the total. If I understand correctly, you applied 3 years after becoming a PR, and it's the days...
  14. Seym

    Citizenship application: Immigration and citizenship status

    You don't need to put these there at all. This question is for status in countries where you lived (or could have lived), not the visitor visas you used for a 2 weeks vacation. For example, I didn't list my 10 years visitor visa from US, I just listed the vacations I took there in the...
  15. Seym

    [Oath invitation email already received] Would declaring that "Permanent Card is lost" cause oath ceremony to be re-scheduled or application delaye?

    Full answer here : https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/operational-bulletins-manuals/canadian-citizenship/admininistration/general-file-processing/revocation-permanent-resident-cards-upon-granting.html Check the section "Applicant reports PR...
  16. Seym

    Applying for citizenship Tax Declaration

    It's fine to say "no" to both "required to file" and "filed" sections for that year if you only spent a week here. And having filed your tax for 2019, 2020 and 2021, you're good to go anyway.
  17. Seym

    Can I have my citizenship certificate mailed while overseas?

    I mean, the probability of losing a document is never 0, but you know that already. Apart from that, nothing specific to sending it by mail VS a passport or your old PR card, apart maybe from the need to put it in a rigid binder to avoid that piece of paper being damaged I guess.
  18. Seym

    Can I have my citizenship certificate mailed while overseas?

    No need for anecdotal stories from someone else. You can apply for a passport at your local Canadian consulate.
  19. Seym

    Minor born to citizen outside Canada

    See CIT 0014 here : https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/application-forms-guides/guide-0001-application-citizenship-certificate-adults-minors-proof-citizenship-section-3.html#step1 As per the scenario 3 in the document checklist for a citizenship...