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    PGP 2021 New Applicants

    Am I correct in my understanding of the press release yesterday regarding PGP in 2021, in that if you didn't send in an Interest to Sponsor form in 2020, you will not be able to do it this year because all the 30,000 intake will only be from people who have already sent in their interest. Will...
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    PGP lottery 2017

    Does anyone know if the quota for 2017 (10,000 applications??)was filled for PGP after two lotteries and the weeding out of timewasters?
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    Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2017

    Has anyone had an invitation to apply for the PGP 2017 after their sponsor filled in the Notification of Interest Form? This form was available between beginning of February until beginning of March 2017.