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    Moving to US while citizenship application is in process

    Good morning. I have applied for my citizenship on March 8th 2021 and still have a long way to go. I am getting married at end of this year. My fiancé is in US and I will be moving with him after wedding. Does it cause any issue if I am coming from US to do online test/ interview/oath and if...
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    Parents on supervisa travelling to US

    Good afternoon, My mother is on supervisa currently (since Feb 2019) and has visa and passport expiring in April 2020. However the visa officer at time of landing, stamped her stay till Feb 21. We are planning on going to US by road for the weekend. Will there be any issue on returning back...
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    Inland PNP applicants receiving PPR, while away from Canada

    Hello, Is somebody aware of the procedure if an inland applicant receive passport request while being away from Canada, what is the procedure to submit passports? Is it easy to ask for extension to submit passport or Can you submit passport at local VFS centre? Do you need a separate letter to...
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    PNP Inland Paper based June-July-August 2017 applicants

    Hello all, June- July- August 2017 applicants please post your timeline here. Good luck!!