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    Is it possible to land without spouse who jointly get point with PA

    if a spouse jointly got point with principal applicant, is it possible the principla applicant land first in that case? Our point are 71 points my wife had 67 plus 4 from my education can she land first in that case ?
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    If u got MR in 2012,& U'Ve got VISA or exptg it join here

    I start this forum just to help poeple like me who are expecting visa after medical. just tell us when you got MR, whern you did medical and if you have got passport request or not. I applied 17th Marth 2010,I got MR on 26th May 2012 ,I die Medical on 15th May 2012, expecting passport request ...
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    Senior:Landed Registered Nurse in newfoundland and Ontario,how do you get job

    Dear Senior, I'm eligible to Interim license as outcome of my registration process with Newfoundland and Labrador, how can I get job offer while I am still in Nigeria? My application for PR was reviewed Jan 24th and processing started Jan 24th 2012. Share your experience as internationally...
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    BFD's of applicatn reviewed & processing started in **2012 in Ghana VO & others

    Pleases guys, if you use caipNote and your application is reviewed and processing started in **** 2012, Please tell us the date when your application was reviewed and processing started,your visa office and BFD as in your Caipnote. this will help us to know when we should expect our MR.thanks Jovic
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    BFD's of application reviewed & processing started **2012 in Ghana VO & other Vo

    for those of you guys that use CaipsNote,and your application was rewieved and processins started on *** 2012,tell us your VO, the date your application was reviewed and processing started and your BFD's . Thanks
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    If your appl is Reviewed & we started process btw ***Nov 2011 & march 2012

    I submitted to CIC March 2010, My application was reviewed and processing started on 24th Jan 2012. I have not received MR yet.share your update with me if your application was reviewed and processing started Nov,Dec 2011 and Jan -March 2012. are still expecting or have received MR.Share your...
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    Application was reviewed and we staterted process

    Dear Friends, I submitted my application to Ghana visa office Sep 1st 2010, it was in queue for screening since then, on 30th Nov 2011 they requested for original job offer and bank statement to be received within 60 days lapsing on 28th Jan 2012. They got it on 26th Jan 2012 but reviewed my...
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    those That submitted to Ghana aruod 1/9/2010

    Dear Guys I got my eligibility letter on 12th May 2010, it requested me to submit full document to Ghana visa office within 120 days.I submitted the full document to Ghana visa office 1st Sep,2010 they wrote me that my application is on queue for paper screening till today 05/10/2011 their...