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    How soon after 1095 days did you apply for citizenship

    Hi everyone, I'm just getting started on the Citizenship application process. I was wondering on an average how long have most of you waited after the 1095 day physical presence requirement to apply for citizenship? Would 10 days be sufficient?
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    NOC 2171- Please tell me if my JD matches!!1

    Can someone please tell me if my job duties match the NOC 2171. I think I fall under : Information systems business analysts and consultants. Details are below Title: Business Analyst Duties: Writing, modifying, testing and debugging new and existing computer programs Analyzing problems and...
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    Proof of Relationship - Baptism Certificate

    I am trying to prove my relationship to my uncle ( mother's brother) who is a citizen of Canada. Neither my mother nor my uncle have their birth certificates. Can I use their baptism certificates to prove they are siblings? I plan to use my passport to show my relationship to my mother. Please...
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    Indian PCC Wording - Is this acceptable for PR application??

    I am applying for PR to Canada via the FSW program. My Indian PCC states the following This is to certify that there is no adverse information in respect of my name, d/o my father's name, holder of Indian Passport No. ***Number*** issued at ***city on ***date, which would render him/her...
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    Bank Letter Issue- Please Help

    I recently moved back to India from the US and therefore my bank and my POF account is in the US. Due to issues with getting a bank account in India my money is still in the US. My US bank is refusing to give me a letter for the Proof of Funds requirement. Can someone please suggest an...
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    No Experience Letter- Please help

    I recently got an ITA to apply for PR. I am in a fix about getting the experience letter. My entire work experience ( 8 years) was at the same company. This company was owned by a family member. I left the company after falling out with my boss ( owner of the company and my cousin). I have...