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    Jan 20 - May 20 ignored applicants

    As all our queries are falling on deaf ears and there is just no clear answer from the authorities on our applications what do you guys suggest if we stage a protest near ircc headquarters in GTA...maybe someone notices us if we are there with signs or banners. They are just taking us for a ride...
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    Case of Forgotten Files

    Hi people from January to May Aor 2020 lets all write to the Prime Minister office to apprise him of the situation. I am posting the link and we can choose the topic of IRCC and write in about 2000 characters. https://pm.gc.ca/en/connect/contact
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    Dreaded Recommend Pass

    Hi guys wanted to check who all are in the dreadful recommend pass stage. I am stuck in this stage since July 2020 with no movement in the file even post biometrics. I have come to realise that this is worse than review required. Any suggestions how to get out of this? Thanks
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    Inland PNP applicants - No movement in application.

    Hi trying to connect all Inland PNP applicants who have been waiting with no movement on the files since a long time. I am inland pnp with april 29th aor..sitting on recommend pass since July 17th. Biometrics given on 22nd October..no movement since then
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    Biometrics Calls for Inland Candidates

    Hi all..lets connect here and update as and when we receive the call for booking the biometrics appointment. Also please update with your AOR and MEP date. GOOD LUCK all.