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  1. myat

    Urgent: TN Visa questions

    Hi everyone, I need urgent advice from you. My company (Vancouver, Canada head office) will apply TN VISA for me under my US company (Houston office). But I will only enter about 1-2 months for the job and back to Canada. Then go back again after 1-2 months. I am the senior electrical...
  2. myat

    How to find electrical engineer job at Houston, Texas area for Canadian citizen

    Hi, Can someone recommend me how to find electrical engineer job in Houston, Texas, USA? I am a Canadian citizen and P.Eng in BC, Canada and PE in Texas, USA and working experience around 17 years. I tried to find a job at Texas area from LinkedIn or indeed, but none of the employer call me...
  3. myat

    To get TN visa

    Hi All, I am an electrical engineer with master degree, and 15 years working experience, Canadian citizen myself, my daughter and my wife (Canada PR), Professional Engineer in Canada and Professional Engineer in Texas, USA. To get the professional license you need to fulfill all of their...
  4. myat

    Canadian to get EB2-NIW or TN VISA

    Hi All, I am an electrical engineer with master degree from wrold class university (the university ranking is top 15 in the world), and 15 years working experience, Canadian citizen myself, my daughter and my wife (Canada PR), Professional Engineer in Canada and Professional Engineer in Texas...
  5. myat

    Citizenship CIT0002(10-2020)E Section 15 language evidence grey out

    Hi Guys, When I download citizenship application for adult form CIT 0002(10-2020)E download, section 15 language evidence section grey out and cant fill in. Is that my PDF erroe? the rest all section are ok. Any idea?
  6. myat

    Any Surrey Applicant waiting for oath after online test

    Hi I passed my online citizenship test on 11-Feb-2021 and until now ECAS still not yet change to DM from IN PROCESS although it is already more than 10 working days. Any current Surrey,BC applicant?
  7. myat

    Citizenship online application some questions

    Hi 3 Quick question for my wife citizenship application online application (1) For photoshop location, date and time photo taken - Upload a digital photo as a London drug EMAIL to me with photoshop address, date, time, and location. So can I screenshot, and make a JPEG of that photoshop...
  8. myat

    Need police certificate or not for citizenship application

    Hi Seniors, I have one urgent quick question as per below. I got my Canada PR card on 28-Sept-2015. I am going to apply citizenship application tomorrow (10-May-2020). I am NOT a SINGAPORE citizen. Regards about the police certificate, as per cic , immediate 4 years before applied. Count back...
  9. myat

    Renew PR or apply citizenship

    Hi Seniors, Quick question for you. Me and my family PR cards are going to expire in Dec-2020. 1) Should I renew my PR card first, then apply citizenship because citizenship take about 12 months? That mean our PR card will expire first around Dec-2020, then I will get my citizenship around...
  10. myat

    Competency report for Engineer and Geoscientists of British Columbia (EGBC)

    hi anyone, Who is preparing to submit competency report to EGBC or APEGA, pls share with your reports to me to myatts1980@gmail.com. In turn, I can share some old Q&A, APEGA (100 Q and A) to prepare PPE (Law and Ethics) exam. Thank you.
  11. myat

    Industrial Electrician (NOC:7242) some notes from actual exam

    Only for Industrial Electrician exam (NOC:7242) Today I just re-take industrial Electrician (NOC:7242) exam after 2 years later (I thought I no need to take red seal but I want this ticket although not related to my job). some questions are still the same as per below. You must see before exam...
  12. myat

    Anyone who prepare for coming PPE (Law and Ethics) exam on coming 3-5April

    Hi Anyone who is preparing for PPE exam (Law and Ethics) exam with APEGBC on coming 3-5April at Vancouver , please share study material with me. Thanks. Good luck. Best Regards, Myat
  13. myat

    Anyone preparing for Red Seal Industrial or Construction in vancouver?

    Hi anyone preparing RED SEAL IP exam for either industrial or construction electrician at vancouver? please share any ideas or study materials. Thanks. Best Regards, Myat
  14. myat

    Anyone preparing for P.Eng (Law and Ethics), APEGBC,on 03-April-2017 vancouer

    Hi Anyone who are preparing for P.Eng (Law and Ethics) exam with APEGBC at vancouver on 03-April-2017, please let me know. We can share some study materials. this is my second attempt. For first attempt, I only pass Part B (Essay). Hope this time I can pass and now studying regularly at...
  15. myat

    Canada Childcare Tax Benifit(CCTB)cheque have expiry date?

    Hi senior and friends, CCTB cheque have expiry date?
  16. myat

    Anyone prepare to take RED SEAL Electrician (Indu. or Constr.) or P.Eng (Elect)

    Hi Everyone, Anyone who are going to take RED SEAL IP Exam, Electrician (Industrial or Construction) at Vancouver area or P.Eng (Electrical Engineering) with APEGBC please share all information, study materials and hard copy or soft copy notes each other. (i) Currently I am preparing to take...
  17. myat

    Competency Experience Report Sample to apply P.Eng (Electrical) at BC

    Hi Seniors and Friends, Good day. If somebody or some friends applied before P.Eng (Electrical ) at Professional Engineers and Geoscientists at British Columbia? If yes, I would like to see sample report for Competency Experience Report. It is explanation about working experience and solutions...
  18. myat

    Sample job description letter for NOC 7242- Industrial Electrician

    Dear 7242 applicants, Good day.Please send private message to me if you have job description sample for 7242 because I want to show this sample to my employer . Thanks. Myat
  19. myat

    For those who apply on and after August 2011...please join here

    Hi Everybody...those who apply on and after August 2011 under FSW1...please join.. thanks.