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  1. vensak

    Canada to turn back asylum seekers, close border at midnight to stop spread of COVID-19

    Canada will now turn back asylum-seekers attempting to enter the country outside of official border points, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday — part of a set of extreme new measures meant to stop the spread of COVID-19. Asylum seekers were already barred from entering Canada at...
  2. vensak

    Basement for short term rent - London, Ontario

    A friend of mine is offering a basement room with a bathroom. Room is very suitable for newcomers - 1 person or a couple. This opportunity is suitable for 1 to 6 months (while getting know the city). The house is close to the bus stop heading directly to downtown and also has very good...
  3. vensak

    My Landing experience

    Here is a brief summary to what I have experienced so far: 1. Pre-landing preparation - I took one preparation course of how to prepare your resume and such. - I brushed my Linkedin (I do not have premium, so I do not know if and how many potential Canadian employers did check the site). Most...
  4. vensak

    London attacks

    I know it does not really belong here, but still. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/03/22/europe/uk-parliament-firearms-incident/ Four dead, including police officer and attacker, and at least 20 more injured after assault on Houses of Parliament Assailant shot by police in attack Police confirm...
  5. vensak

    Canada’s East Coast: Career Opportunities Expo

    Canada’s East Coast: Career Opportunities Expo IBIS Hotel, Earls Court, London March 25-26 At this event you’ll be able to: •Meet with Provincial representatives from Canada’s four Atlantic Provinces and learn about life on Canada’s East Coast •Meet with employers from Canada’s East...
  6. vensak

    Trudeau shuffles cabinet

    Chrystia Freeland will be appointed Canada's new minister of foreign affairs in a sweeping Liberal cabinet shakeup to be announced later today, CBC News has learned. Freeland, who leaves the international trade portfolio, will replace Stéphane Dion, who is leaving politics to become Canada's...
  7. vensak

    Destination Canada 2016 - connect here

    This is a thread for people that will participate on this job fair in France - Paris or in Belgium - Brussel The event will be taking place between 16.11.2016 and 19.11.2016 http://www.destination-canada-forum-emploi.ca/accueil.php?lang=en
  8. vensak

    Mobilite francophone

    There is announcement regarding new programm called Mobilite Francophone. Here is a link about it. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/tools/temp/work/opinion/francophone.asp The requirements are: 1. Advanced French - CBL 7 or higher 2. NOC within 0, A or B category 3. Work offer outside Quebec
  9. vensak

    Mon Projet - Areas of Training

    I have a question and I hope somebody can advice. There is a list of areas of training which shall give us additional points. These shall refer to our education. However, some diploma have just rather general name or some specialisations have a bit different name or name using different Word...