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  1. Ginni Aulakh

    Need (GET Ielts Band 9 Task 1 writing general & task 2)

    Please send me the ielts material. I want to study hard n Clear it asap. Needed on urgent basis thanks Regards jenny: aulakhginnie@yahoo.com
  2. Ginni Aulakh

    Shared my IELTS Materials and where to get it

    Hi Milan, Could you please send me the IELTS material too? As I do not have much money to spend in studying at coaching centres.i would really appreciate your help! Jenny: aulakhginnie@yahoo.com
  3. Ginni Aulakh

    Ielts GT 9th feb questions And discussion

    Thanks Vishal. Also do you remember the essay n letter topic? Or reading section topics
  4. Ginni Aulakh

    Ielts GT 9th feb questions And discussion

    vishal do you remember more answers ? 9 th Feb 2019 GT ielts questions & answers Listening test _______ 5th 35 business 35% induatrial Government Lonely Description Salary Original Engineering
  5. Ginni Aulakh

    Please share the answers of 9 feb ielts BC

    Guys, please help me. If you have appeared for GT ielts Today 9th Feb 2019 in Delhi-NCR, please post the questions & answers here. I’m very nervous as the exam didn’t go so well especially listening. Please update all the questions and answers that you guys remember today.