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  1. YousifBreesam

    Groups of Five ~ sponsoring brother & his family and kids

    Hello there. My brother (alone) is currently in France, they rejected his refugee claim there and he will leave the country. He wants to go back home so he can get his wife & 3 kids and move to Turkey. While he’s in Turkey, we will do the Groups of Five Sponsorship for them from Canada. I...
  2. YousifBreesam

    Does CCB affect social assistance?

    Hello, My mother has been receiving social assistance (welfare), and JUST recently, she started receiving Canada Child Benefit (CCB), will that affect the amount she usually receives from assistance? Or CCB has no affect?
  3. YousifBreesam

    Convention refugees and study permits?

    Hello, My family got their claim accepted in Nov 2017 to be considered convention refugees. Now, they want to go back to school, do they need a study permit? We live in ON
  4. YousifBreesam

    Final decision made, but no message or details

    Hello, I live in Canada ON, my work permission expired in Mar. 1, 2018, but I applied for a renewal in Feb. 9, 2018! Today, Mar. 6, 18 .. When I check the status of my application, it says that it's been reviewed/ decision made and it was approved. It also says to check below for a message in...
  5. YousifBreesam

    Are refugee claimants eligible for Canada Child Benefit?

    Hello, the title says it all, please advise me.
  6. YousifBreesam

    a PR applying for TD, and a Protected person applying for a RTD, what's the difference?

    Hello, i have a question! If you have you PR, and you applied for Travel Document. Is this document gonna be different if you were a protected person and applied for a Refugee Travel Document? Or it's the same document for both? I hope i can get an answer.
  7. YousifBreesam

    Convention refugee being sponsored by a PR in Canada.

    Hello, I hope you guys have answers for my questions in this topic. I came with my family as a refugee claimant in Sept 2012, and finally we got accepted in Nov 2017 and received our Notice of Decision to be legally convention refugees. The thing is, in Sept 2016 I got married, and my wife...
  8. YousifBreesam

    May 2017 INLAND applicants! Where are you up to?

    Hello, I applied for spousal sponsorship in canada in May 11, 2017. My medical was received by CIC at the end of Nov 2017. Since then, I haven't heard nothing at all. If you are a May applicant, could please tell us where is ur application up to? Thank you
  9. YousifBreesam

    Our passports, will they be returned to us?

    Hello, my family and I entered to Canada as refugee claimant, but Immigration took all of our passports in 2012 (the year we came to Canada), now, will we get our passports back especially after we recently got accepted as convention refugees. Please help me!
  10. YousifBreesam

    Visiting my home country

    Hello, i came to canada as a refugee claimant in Sept. 2012, and finally got accepted in Nov 2017 as a convention refugee. The thing is, I got married in Sept 2016 and my wife is a PR, we applied for a spousal sponsorship in May 2017 and it's almost near to an end. After I get my PR through my...
  11. YousifBreesam

    Baby's expenses for tax

    Hi I have a question about including my 2017 baby's expenses when i file my taxes soon. Are baby's formula and baby's little stuff counted as expenses? Another question about expenses, i drive to work everyday and that's about 20-25 one way in the car! Can i include the gas money as expenses...
  12. YousifBreesam

    Proof of language IN PAPER

    Hello, my wife is PR and been in canada for about six years. She speaks English good enough for citizenship requirements, but she did not finish high school, but finished ESL classes & grade 11 English. They ask for language proof in paper, like high school diploma or equivalent, but she does't...
  13. YousifBreesam

    After the medical exam AND photos?

    Hello, My wife is sponsoring me under the family class. The application was received on May 11, 17, during the process, they requested a police check and I submitted that around June 2017. In Nov. 2017 they requested a medical exam and i passed it (it was received by cic in Nov.) since then, I...