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  1. ranameraj

    Any hopes for a ~450 draw this year?

    OK let me be very straight forward to ask everyone, is there any chance to see a draw touching 450's during the rest of 2016? This question becomes more important because CIC has been unsure with their processing times as far as express entry is concerned and I'm not sure they'd consider more...
  2. ranameraj

    Positive LMO received, what's next?

    Hi guys, I'm excited to tell you that today my employer has received a positive LMO for my job position. I'm already in Canada, working in this company since October 2010, on PGWP (which expires July 27th 2011). My questions? 1. Do I need to fill out the form for work permit (for...
  3. ranameraj

    My DB is cashed, what does it mean?

    Hi, I'm so pleased to inform you all that my bank draft has been cashed yesterday... So can I consider that all my documents are complete and I've fulfilled the minimum requirements? Please advise. Thanks and cheers..!
  4. ranameraj

    Prepaid envelop in local language containing Canadian Address??

    Hi, Right now, I'm living in Canada on a graduate work permit. I've already sent my immigration application to sydney, NS (for the arranged employment Category). I have sent the prepaid envelop containing the Canadian address in English, but I haven't sent them another emvelop containing the...
  5. ranameraj

    new thread for Arranged Employed applicants (after June 2010)

    Hi, I don't see any thread for arranged employment applicants who applied after June 2010. I appreciate if all those who have applied for a Skilled Worker Immigration (with arranged employment) share their history and current status. I submitted my Application yesterday (October 28th...
  6. ranameraj

    Arranged Employment processed quicker than NOC based?

    Hi, Is it a correct conclusion that Skilled worker applications with an Arranged Employment are processed quicker than the skilled worker applications with NOC experience? I know that the exact data may not be available, but I'm only asking for an overall opinion or impression. Please...
  7. ranameraj

    IELTS 7 band, Arranged employment, yet unlucky...

    Hi, Yes, as the title suggests, I have got 7 bands in IELTS (7.5 L, 7 W, 6.5 R, 6.5 S) so full 16 points, masters degree holder, having a full time permanent NOC canadian job, but yet unlucky... because I am on graduate work permit and I have only 9 months left in my permit, anyways, I'm...
  8. ranameraj

    original birth certificate or copy?

    Hi, Do I need to send my original birth certificate or its photocopy? Of course I have to send its english translation also, but here, I'm asking about the birth certificate made in the first language. Thanks...
  9. ranameraj

    Permanent job, but short work permit??

    Hi, I have got a permanent full time job as a java developer in a reputed Canadian company. I'm living in Canada on a graduate work permit, that will expire in 9 months. I'm going to send my PR application to Sydney, NS on monday. But 9 moths remaining, is it going to create problem for me...
  10. ranameraj

    Applying from Canada, to which VISA office, (London or Buffalo)?

    Hi, I am living in Canada on work permit (9 months of permit are remaining), originally I am from Pakistan. Should I go for Buffalo office or London Office (because Pakistani applicants are now required to mention London VISA office, right?)?
  11. ranameraj

    Arranged employment and permit expiry??

    Hi, I have 9 months left in my work permit. According to the condition of Arranged employment, my permit should be valid when the PR Visa application is submitted as well as when PR visa is stamped... Is 9 months a good enough time if I apply tomorrow (of course I'm applying after June 2010...
  12. ranameraj

    Notarize all documents or a few?

    Hi, All of my academic documents/job letters from Pakistan are notarized, but my certificate, job letters that I received from Canada are not notarized. Do I need to notarize the documents also which I received in Canada? Thanks...
  13. ranameraj

    Original academic documents or photocopies

    Hi, Do we need to send the original Degrees/certificates/diplomas or their notarized copies as VO specific documents? Thanks...
  14. ranameraj

    which documents should be notarized?

    Hi, Amongst the VO (Visa Office) specific documents, do we need to notarize all of the photo copies? Does it make sense to notarize the passport copies, permit copies? Thanks...
  15. ranameraj

    applying FROM Canada, additional documents?

    Hi, I am going to apply for my PR this week. I am currently living in Canada on a work permit, and I'm going to send my application package to Sydney, NS. If I am living in Canada, do I need to send any VISA office specific documents? Please response, because I am very worried about this...
  16. ranameraj

    Application Submitted to Sydney, NS, Canada

    Hi, Do I need to send my academic documents (degrees, certificates, high school certificates) while I'm sending my Immigration application to Sydney, NS, Canada. I don't see anywhere that they have asked about it, but there are questions about my education and job. If I don't send them these...
  17. ranameraj

    My IELTS result and Further

    Hi, Today I got my IELTS result; Listening: 7.5 Reading: 6.5 Writing: 7 Speaking:6.5 Overall Band: 7 I hope that I can get the full 16 points of Language, can I?
  18. ranameraj

    Help required in IMM 0008E Schedule 3

    Hi, Can someone please help me in IMM 0008E Schedule 3 also? For Q.7., Study in Canada, they are asking for two years of full time studies. I've studied for one year in a post graduate institute. It was a gradua certificate, and I studied somewhere that 1 year post graduate certificates are...
  19. ranameraj

    Help required in IMM 0008E Schedule1

    Hi, I have the following questions about IMM 0008E Schedule1 form: In Question 8, I have to answer the following in YES/NO, "previously sought Refugee status in Canada, or applied for a Canadian immigration, or permanent resident visa or visitor or temporary resident visa" Right now, I am...