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  1. er.satnamsinghbhullar

    Second medical. .. can i hope that PPR is near.. ☺help guys

    My first medical was going to expire on 5th may.. So i was asked for a re medical.. I am in 11th month since AOR.. Can i hope that my PPR is near..
  2. er.satnamsinghbhullar

    Waiting even after 9 months of AOR.....

    I am june 2016 AOR.. still waiting for ppr.. my background check is still in progress for more than six months.. Kindly connect those who are still waiting. . And waiting for background check to clear..
  3. er.satnamsinghbhullar

    IFHP... Help guys.. what is about??

    Hi frend.. I have a link for IFHP.. am not sure what it is for.. please help me guys..
  4. er.satnamsinghbhullar

    Security check getting long and long.....!!!!!!!!

    Is there any max time period for the security check to complete.?? Experts please reply
  5. er.satnamsinghbhullar

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017..

    Another year of success and happiness has passed. With every new year, comes greater challenges and obstacles in life. I wish you courage, hope and faith to overcome all the hurdles you face. May you have a great year and a wonderful time Happy new year ☺
  6. er.satnamsinghbhullar

    Very few PPRs in past few days. Will CIC fire up now????

    Very demoralised with the slow processing.. please come to ur normal speed CIC
  7. er.satnamsinghbhullar

    AOR OCTOBER 2016 >>>>>>> JOIN HERE <<<<<<

    Applicants who have got AOR in October 2016.. Join here
  8. er.satnamsinghbhullar


    I m FSW outland applicant witj AOR IN JUNE
  9. er.satnamsinghbhullar

    ALMOST DONE... Waiting for PPR... ☺

    Come and join this group ... all those who are done with their RPRF and waiting for PPR...
  10. er.satnamsinghbhullar

    RPRF September 2016.. JOIN HERE........ :) :)

    All those who recieved RPRF in september. JOin this group.. Lets be in touch Buddies....
  11. er.satnamsinghbhullar

    Applicants with LMIA.. Please contact here

    Applicants who have either applied for lmia or hv a positive lmia contact here
  12. er.satnamsinghbhullar

    Applicants with LMIA please contact here....

    Applicants who have i either applied for an lmia or have recieved a positive lmia please contact here.
  13. er.satnamsinghbhullar

    Recieved ITA- NEED HELP....

    how long will it take after i have submitted all my documents after i got the ita. i have a positive lmia