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    JobBank Canada

    Hello everybody, Need some help. I am currently on IP1 with my profile and i am a dependent with my spouse being the primary applicant(PA). While making a profile on the jobbank, it asks for the Express Entry profile number and the Job seeker validation code, which are both with us, but the...
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    Change in application status

    Hello members, My AOR date was 4th Nov. 2018. The only change that i could see today in the profile was the fact that the Background check has changed to "Not Applicable". What does it signify with respect to the application status? I have a feeling that when i had submitted the profile, the BG...
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    Uploading documents- file size issue

    Hello members, Have received an ITA last month Need a suggestion. I am uploading documents in my profile, but the file size for the proof of funds document is close to 20 MB, but the mandated size is 4MB. Tried compressing it and brought the size down to 4, but some of the pages are illegible...
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    active multiple employments

    Hello All, I am in the process of submitting my final profile, and am stuck at the "Work History" page. I currently hold positions on the board of 3 different private limited companies. while submitting my application for ITA, i mentioned the name of only the parent company as my employer and...
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    When and how to apply for jobs in Canada

    Hello all, I am currently awaiting ITA, and since the CRS indicates of a score of 460+, i am hopeful that i receive it sooner than later. Have applied under the skilled worker, Express Entry programme I wanted to know, what is best way to apply for jobs in Canada and when is the best time. I...