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  1. primaprime

    International student with family application

    It needs to be clear from your application that she is coming temporarily to study (not work or stay permanently), and that you and your kids are also not seeking to permanently settle in Canada and will only be there temporarily with her. If they think you're trying to relocate your business...
  2. primaprime

    Returning to Canada from India on Work Permit

  3. primaprime

    Employment gap - Study permit

    Why a post-graduate diploma and not a master's degree? What does it add to your job prospects in India? Why can't you study there?
  4. primaprime

    Does CEC has any min wage requirement for NOC.?

    There is no official requirement. They may question if you actually performed the duties of your NOC for such a low salary, but if you did and everything with your employer checks out, there is no problem.
  5. primaprime

    Foreign Experience

    Yes, you need to include your work history.
  6. primaprime

    Pending i485 and Canadian PR

    Well, you need to return to Canada by April 2022 in order to retain your PR status here.
  7. primaprime


    Good, it's past time something was done about the private diploma mill racket.
  8. primaprime

    2 year Graduate cert course in Ontario - PR options

    A graduate certificate isn't a master's degree so no, you would not be eligible for the OINP master's stream. FSW would also not be an option after working in Canada; you would apply through the CEC.
  9. primaprime

    Great trouble by choosing ICM Manitoba

    It's a private institution that isn't part of the University of Manitoba. Private schools are not reputable in Canada.
  10. primaprime

    living outside Quebec

    If you apply while living in Ontario you should probably be fine, but it needs to be clear you will not return to working in-person for your employer in Quebec. Evidence that you are looking for new jobs in Ontario might be helpful.
  11. primaprime

    Experience Letter For express entry

    You only need to prove your NOC B experience.
  12. primaprime

    proof of funds in FSW

    After you get the ITA. You ideally want to show a consistent bank balance over the past six months, not a large single deposit.
  13. primaprime

    Need to Study Canand low GPA

    Why do you "need" to study in Canada? With your profile you will probably have a hard time getting a study permit. You already have a master's and eight years of work experience, so a post-graduate diploma is a step down and doesn't seem to add anything to your job prospects. And your previous...
  14. primaprime

    Regarding scores of study in canada

    What did you study in Canada?
  15. primaprime

    Employment gap - Study permit

    Share your full profile. Two months of unemployment don't make you ineligible for a study permit. What matters is your whole application: age, previous education and work experience, program you're applying for in Canada, proof of funds, ties to home, rationale for studying in Canada, etc.
  16. primaprime

    Improving my crs score .

    If you can get an ECA proving it is equivalent to a Canadian master's, yes.
  17. primaprime

    Citizenship - presence calculator and implied status

    Either one will be fine.
  18. primaprime

    Canadian work experience!! For express entry

    You can't count any work experience while you were on a study permit.