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    Ghost Update After Passing Remedical

    Sorry for the late reply. A ghost update is when you log in into the portal and the status says "updated" but no changes are shown. You do not receive any email or notification about it. A ghost update may happen (but does not have to) when an officer open your file, even if he/she does nothing...
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    Order of procedures for new PRs-SIN, healthcard, opening bank, getting sim card

    Yes, you should get the sim immediately. I personally stayed here for several months without one and I survived by using cafe's Wi-Fi, but I have to say that having a properly working smartphone is very useful.
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    Order of procedures for new PRs-SIN, healthcard, opening bank, getting sim card

    I would recommend to get SIN first. Having it makes simpler to open a bank account (not all banks will open one without SIN), apply for healthcare etc. It will also be required if you find a job, so I would do this first. You can go in person to Service Canada, preferably booking an appointment...
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    H1B travel to USA after completing soft-landing in Canada

    I think that is all you need. Anyone else, if you have any suggestion, please contribute.
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    H1B travel to USA after completing soft-landing in Canada

    Hi, to answer to your questions: 1. In general you can land whenever you want, as long as it is outside Quebec. That said it depends on the stream you are in: if you are in a PNP stream you should really land in the province that selected you, or at least show that you have plans to settle...
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    Moved from US to Canada (H1B to PR)

    You have to file worldwide income in US only if you are Green Card holder or US Citizen.
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    US VISA ban affect Express Entry

    Agreed. Only thing to do is to be truthful, declare everything and explain it as best as you can. Whatever happens next is the best possible outcome.
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    Can I still enter as a visitor after receiving CoPR?

    You should be able to say that you are not there to settle permanently. I did that and it worked, but I am from a visa-exempt country: my concern is that your visitor visa may no longer be valid after receiving the one for PR.
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    >>>>>>>OCTOBER 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Yes it does (fortunately). You can have a general (not precise) idea of how the processing is going using the analytics reported here.
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    New PR Confirmation portal - After eCOPR and timeline

    No, CoPR cannot be renewed. The date refers to up to when it can be used to prove your PR status. Before it "expires" you need to get your PR card.
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    ***>>> January 2020 AOR <<<***

    I thought that a procedural fairness letter was sent only if there is something not quite right in the application, which needs to be addressed immediately. Not really the standard ADR, but I may be wrong. In these days webform can take more than a month to be processed, so I would not worry...
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    New PR confirmation portal

    Hi everyone, me and my wife become permanent residents on March 1st. My PR card arrived last Monday, but we still did not receive my wife's. Is this normal? Do you think there may be an issue with my wife's card? For both of us the "official status" is that they are reviewing our photos...
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    ***>>> February 2020 AOR <<<***

    You have to land in Canada, either at a land border or by flying in, depending on where you live now. You will go through a quick interview, your CoPR will be signed and you will become a Permanent Resident. I believe you can apply for PR card and SIN directly at the airport, but I am not 100%...
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    H1B travel to USA after completing soft-landing in Canada

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I am wondering if one will be able to give the good to follow list at the first land crossing after becoming PR. Do you have any idea of how this works?
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    New PR confirmation portal

    Try to call and ask. I do not think there is anything to be worried about, but it is annoying to be waiting like this.
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    New PR confirmation portal

    Sorry to keep asking this, but so far no one was able to give me an answer. @legalfalcon ?
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    New PR confirmation portal

    It is a little weird. I would wait a day or so and then try to call and ask about what to do.
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    New PR confirmation portal

    My previous comment refers to what is written on the official website here. As you may see, it is stated: Do not create your own account. This can delay the process. Follow the instructions in the email we sent and we’ll create it for you. Even if it is not necessary the case, that is the...
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    New PR confirmation portal

    You should wait for the invitation before creating an account. They will create an account for you, creating one by yourself may delay the procedure. Try to contact them via email.
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    ***>>> March 2020 AOR <<<***

    @legalfalcon Do you know how to handle this?