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    Urget Landing Help

    Did your dependent help you get private sponsorship? Is this a child, a spouse? What family member is no longer coming to Canada and who is?
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    Share your experience about last minute hearing canceled

    Are you going to be travelling to Ontario for your hearing? You are required to update IRB if you move.
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    Roxham road people

    Canada has become more strict when it comes to people living in the US and then seeking asylum in Canada after a significant amount of time. Given the child’s age they would have been outside their home country for quite a long time. It becomes much harder to prove that your life is at risk in...
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    Refugee application

    Do you plan on remaining in Canada? You will need to show that you intend to relocate back to Canada once your spouse gets PR if you apply to sponsor her. You will need concrete proof. Are you living in the Caribbean at the moment? Agree that unless she is in Belarus and can prove that her...
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    Mother received a procedural fairness letter

    What were the grounds for your asylum case? What about your mother’s.
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    H&C application

    Please don’t misquote me. I said that it would partially depend on the ability to access care in Nigeria. I have not declared that treatment can be accessed at a private clinic in Nigeria. The severity of the sickle cell will make a difference and it can be considered under excessive demand...
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    Multiple UCI

    Did you reapply for your spouse under Atlantic immigration program and withdraw your HCCPapplication? You should also send a webform updating the SP and TRV for your children saying that you have now applied for Atlantic immigration program and not HCCP. This is just to update their files.
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    Supervisa approved for parents and visitor visa for siblings

    Yes your parents having a supervisa will impact other family members’ TRV applications. Your brothers ties to their home country are much weaker if you and your parents are in Canada and your parents can remain in Canada. A house warming is not a good reason for your whole family to travel to...
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    can dependent migrate than main applicant when PR approved?

    They don’t qualify for PR if you aren’t living in Canada and if it is discovered they can lose their COPR. How long have you been living outside Canada? Are you planning on remaining outside of Canada? Are you employed in Canada or abroad?
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    OHIP waiting period - returned PR

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    OHIP waiting period - returned PR

    list of documents are online. You will need proof of residency in Canada which is why some can’t apply the day they land.
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    OHIP card & EI issue

    As a student you didn’t qualify for OHIP so when you got PGWP you had to show proof that you had a full-time job that would last over 6 months to qualify. Depending on if your first job after you graduated was over 6 months in length you qualified for OHIP at that point. When did your spouse...
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    Marriage Fraud

    If you are married for a short time an ex will not by awarded 50% of your assets or longterm spousal support. There were red flags which we see so many in a similar position ignore. Calling a woman “high valued” and “just a girl” certainly won’t help your case. Both women and men can commit...
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    Canadian parents - Surrogacy in Africa (Nigeria); please help

    You really should be speaking with a Canadian lawyer that specializes in surrogacy and international adoptions.
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    Medical degree already verified by ecfmg.

    Did you do your training in Ireland? If so you likely will be able to get licensed although getting a job in orthopaedics is pretty tough. Comes down to luck (who is retiring, taking leave or moving to another city that year plus what Canadians are trying to enter the work force that year) and...
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    Changing School issues need to clarify

    Impossible to say so far in advance but in general it is easier to get accepted to provinces that are less desirable to new immigrants, There are exceptions to this rule though. Would focus on getting a study permit if you are going to apply for a new one, passing your course, applying for...
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    Regarding University and Course Selection - Kindly advise! URGENT

    Wanting to study in person is not a reason to study in Canada and spend huge amounts of money. Given that you already have an MBA the post grad in GBM is going backwards and shouldn’t lead to career advancement,
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    Daily Refusals, PPR Approvals decisions from ABU DHABI VISA OFFICE

    You must give evidence of why you should be approved and address any of the concerns that were brought up.
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    There is no timeframe when it comes to processing PRTD based on H&C. It will come down to the reason you couldn’t meet your RO, the proof that you provided proving your H&C reasons, the amount of time you spent in Canada after getting PR, your level of establishment in Canada, etc. You can...
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    The purpose of your visit is not consistent with a temporary stay given the details provided in your application.

    The fact that she just applied for a study permit complicates things a little bit because there will be concerns that she won’t leave after your father passes or once she visits your father to say goodbye. She should show strong ties to her home country in order to show that she will return home.