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    Visitor visa for spouse- Opinions from Bangladeshis

    After so many years, I have a positive answer for you. If your/your spouse's permanent residency application is in process and you want to apply for temporary residence visa, I recommend that just apply. Every case is different. Be open, honest, transparent in your application and inshallah you...
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    Advise regarding spouse

    - If you are getting married before landing in Canada as a PR, you have to inform the visa office, Buffalo. You may be able to add her in your existing application if you get marry soon enough and submit the marriage certificate. - After you get married, you have to sponsor her in family/souse...
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    How long does it take to get letter to request my wife passport from Singapore

    -If she is a USA citizen, she can easily visit you in Canada during the waiting period. Thanks.
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    Hi All, As I dealt with CHC-Singapore for my spouse's PR, I just wanted to share my experience. E-cas will show the message We have started processing your application from XXXX. Then after couple of months it will show the message Medical results have been received. It will stay like this...
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    Photo to chc singapore.....in dhaka, bangladesh

    Re: any bangladeshi applicant . help pls - If National University does not provide you a sealed transcript, make notarize copy of the originals. And write a cover letter on it that the university does not provide more than 1 original copy. For this reason you are submitting the notarized copy...
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    student visa recjected(PLEASE HELP)

    - I would recommend you to apply as soon as possible and whenever you have the new admission offer letter. Also include a copy of the previous application's decision made by that visa officer. This will clearly show them why you are applying again. I wish you good luck.
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    Immigrating to Canada, can I get married before my migration?

    If you marry now and do not inform CIC, it will be impossible for you to sponsor her at a later stage. Two options for you now: 1. Marry now and inform CIC. She has to be added with your application. Submit the marriage certificate and all the proofs. 2. Do not marry now. Come to Canada as...
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    Thread for the people who sent application to CPC-M btwn 20 July to 20 Aug

    Your status/process of application has nothing to do with the CAIPS note request. I ordered my spouse's CAIPS note just a while before she received her PPT request. And the info. of PPT request was on CAIPS note. Congratulation on your spouse's PPT request. Thanks.
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    Thread for the people who sent application to CPC-M btwn 20 July to 20 Aug

    Received PPT request letter on January 15th. Letter issued on January 6. Visa office: Singapore In process: since September 14, 2009
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    using stapler for forms

    Staple is fine for forms. For photos use paper clip or without paper clips just put in a separate folder or envelop within your whole package. Thanks
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    Question - CAIPS notes - timing

    For me it took 30 days. Thanks.
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    Singapore timeline

    - You got the letter at Canadian mail address or address in Bangladesh? Thanks.
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    Singapore timeline

    Have you sent them email recently? Thanks.
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    Did you inform them about your living together for 6 months? It is important to inform them when you start living together and your application was in process. Thank you.
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    May be he is expecting others' opinion. Thanks.
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    CAIPS notes question

    I am a PR and I am sponsoring my wife. No, I did not send my PR card copy nor my passport copy. I have already received her CAIPS note without any problem, within 1 month. Thanks.
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    Singapore timeline

    In process since September 14, 2009 at Singapore. Thanks.
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    Singapore timeline

    Did you click the "in process" under permanent residence? Once you click it shows you the progress timeline. May be you know it already! Thanks.