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    Has anyone done WES Evaluation while University no longer exists?

    Hey Everyone, Has anyone encountered such case? My friend has graduated from a university in Dubai and before submitting WES application, upon checking the list of universities it stated that "they do not currently accept applications from this universtiy and the application will not...
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    I have flight 4 weeks after my oath can I make it?

    You should be fine as long as you get the citizenship certificate before then. Usually officers ask you if you need it urgently during the ceremony and most of them are acommodating when you show then proof of your ticket however there have been very few cases where a few officers did not accept...
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    Canadian Passport - Mail-In Application Timelines

    Answer is No. That section is for those who had a canadian passport before so answer No as its your first time applying.
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    Online citizenship test completed, waiting for next steps

    It varies for everyone as it could take anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks or even more according to what others have experienced. As for your photo, its not possible to take perfectly clear photos with a webcam and they are aware of this so as long as your details on the card are identifiable...
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    Rescheduling Oath Ceremony

    Just wanted to mention that if you choose to reschedule, there is no guarantee on when you will get your new oath date. There are some applicants who have rescheduled 6 months or even a yearo ago and still havent heard back about their new date. This is why no one recommends to reschedule unless...
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    Rescheduling online oath ceremony

    As others have already mentioned, the rescheduling of oath is a huge risk specially if your issue is not due to being out of canada. There are applicants who have rescheduled and after 6 months are still waiting for a new date. There is someone i know who is waiting over a year for their...
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    waiting for oath ceremony email/invitation

    I just noticed another applicant with the same oath date (dec 7th) saying they havent recieved their oath email yet. Because every office does things randomly it is not possible to know when to expect the email. Although many get their emails about a week before but there have been cases were...
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    I submitted beginning of november and my flight was end of november. They contacted me within 2 business days for appointment booking which was end of november as well. I specified that I wanted passport canada location not service canada because they take much longer.
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    July 2020 - Citizenship application

    you can contact them by phone or webform as mentioned on ircc website. Reaching them by phone could require several attempts due to busy lines so keep trying until you get through. Make sure you call them first thing in the morning when they start their operation to have a chance. This is their...
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    If you have a ticket they will give you a slot based on your ticket not based on availability. I had a ticket so I ended up booking an in person appointment. Honestly, even it meant I was gonna miss my flight it was never an option for me to leave an original document such as a citizenship...
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    I recently went to that office. For those who were going in as walk ins, they were only letting them inside if they had an emergency that required getting the passport urgently. Otherwise they were asking them to drop of their application form along with their documents in a box and were told...
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    March 2020 - Citizenship Applicants

    Try contacting IRCC asap to check if it has been printed at least because in process normally means they havent printed or sent it out yet unless they forgot to change the status. I suggest you reach out to them immediately to check if they have sent it out. You can also send an email to the...
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    Canadian Passport - Mail-In Application Timelines

    In that case you can go on passport canada website and request for an in person appointment also mention you have flight ticket. They will call you within 2 business days to book an appointment and you get to select whichever location is closest or convenient for you. This way you dont waste...
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    October 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    You have enough time. Wait for the oath ceremony and during the oath the officer will ask you if you need it urgently you can then tell them you travelling in a month. They will ask you to show them your ticket as a proof. I did that and got mine within 2 days It is best not to contact them...
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    Citizenship test email not received yet

    Just wanted to mention that there were some applicants in this forum who gave the test that way without getting the email and IRCC later contacted them to retake the test because they had done it through the status link without getting the email. If this is a random thing or not no one knows...
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    Citizenship test email not received yet

    In most cases they send the email a day or two before your test start date so you still have time. One important thing to note is that if by dec 3rd you have not recieved the email invitation, contact IRCC and let them know you did not recieve it so they can send you the email qs many applicants...
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    Do kids need to attend oath?

    This is already mentioned in your invitation ceremony pdf. Minors under 14 years of age are not required to attend a citizenship ceremony to take the oath of citizenship. It is optional for them to attend.
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    July 2020 - Citizenship application

    This same issue has been reported by some applicants and the best action would be to contact IRCC as soon as possible. Since your test dates have passed and no email, contact IRCC and let them know that you never got an email although your tracker shows that you had a test scheduled. Other...
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    February 2020 - Citizenship Applicants

    You should expect an oath invite at some point. So far what we have seen among other applicants is that decision made meant approval. Logically speaking it does not make any sense for them to reject without contacting you for further clarification or interviewing you for further questions if...
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    Passed the test - but status hasn't changed

    Nothing to worry about as it will keep saying waiting on you until it has been reviewed and approved in which case it will change to completed. There is no other status in between so give it some time as it varies for every applicant and office. It could be within 2 days or even upto 2 or more...