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    Ugent Help. Engineer License for CEC

    If having a license is mandatory for your job, then you have to be able to produce one if they ask for it. If I'm on the right NOC these are your requirements: Completion of a two- or three-year college program or equivalent in industrial engineering technology, pulp and paper technology...
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    I do not have my 12 std diploma, is submitting 12 std marksheet enough for CEC Express entry

    You should be fine. Next time make a digital copy of all your documents.
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    Options similar to OBWP

    Hopefully you'll get your invitation this round. If not, you need to apply through an LMIA with your employer to extend your work permit, which is time consuming and I think it's a bit late for that. But do your studies on LMIA. Your other option is to switch to visitor status so you can have...
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    The importance of wage/salary when applying for CEC

    Hi there, You should be fine. Looks fine to me. Median wage is always a bubble, and the VOs know that. All the best,
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    Work Experience Question

    He has either worked or has not! If he has worked under legal circumstances, paid taxes and got paid salary then it goes under work experience. Don't confuse your officer. All the best,
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    CEC Salary, Hourly Pay questions

    Hi there, 1) As long as it makes sense! You can't be an astronaut making $12 an hour. You can always check with your province wages. As long as you are around your median wage, you should be fine. 2) No, not really. Again as long as it makes sense, you can't get promoted from a Janitor to...
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    Taking Continuing Education Courses waiting for PR?

    It clearly mentions on your PGWP that you are not allowed to study. Be it Continuing Education courses or Full time study. Now if it is part of your job and your company requires you to go to this training and they are paying for it, one way or another then that's a different story. All the best,
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    Importing Vehicle with PR Landing

    I would land as a PR and then import the car. It is literally 10 more minutes to spare in between each process. Not worth getting the officers confused and add to their paper work all in one go. All the best,
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    Italy PCC legalization (attestation) required?

    If it's in Italian, you need naturalization so your officer can understand. If it's in English then no worries. All the best,
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    Inland Applicant - Landing Process

    Yeah it should be fine. You can call CIC to reconfirm.
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    PPR request

    It doesn't matter if you are in Canada or overseas. You will need to land. And that means you will need to enter the Canadian soil so the immigration office can process you as a new comer. You're already in Canada, I know, it doesn't make sense, I know, but this is how it's been for the longest...
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    Review required

    Don't stress much, just use the online form, explain what is wrong, upload your documents and that's it. Remember to have your Full details including your Client ID number at the header of the letter. Other than that I'm sure you can write it yourself. Just take your time and compose an...
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    Job Promotion/Role change whilst on Implied Status?

    Hi there, Your CEC application is only based on your past experience. Not current and/or future. You don't have to update your application for this move. If CIC faced any concerns they will contact you for clarification. And just as a side note (cause it is mentioned on your headline), being...
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    Move to Quebec after Applying CEC

    Well, it's not going to have a real impact on your application really! Plans change, and people move around all the time. But you remember this right: You must plan to live outside the province of Quebec. The province of Quebec selects its own skilled workers. So it's your call really...
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    PPR request

    Hi there, Doesn't make any difference really! It's up to you. I'd send the Irish passport if I were you! They'll issue a landing visa valid for a year. But if your passport expires in 6 months then your visa is only issued up to the expiry date of your passport. All the best,
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    Review required

    Hi Naveen, You can definitely compose an explanation letter and pass your concerns to your officer in charge, together with a copy of your GCMS notes, highlighting the issues. Explain sincerely and thoroughly! These things happen, they did a miscalculation on my application and I sent them a...
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    Getting a temporary work after applying for PR under CEC

    As Vitesze mentioned, no need to declare it! All the best.
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    Getting a temporary work after applying for PR under CEC

    Hi there, As long as you have a work-permit you can apply for any job you desire! You can work as many/less hours as you like! Unless you were sponsored by a company (LMIA situation) and your work permit is only valid for working for the named company or you don't hold a work permit. If latter...
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    Inland Applicant - Landing Process

    Hi there, YVR Airport has a dedicated immigration office, they can land you with no problem. All the best and welcome to Canada. Side note: CEC applications do not get treated differently if you are inland or outland. Just a little blurb. ;)
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    Express entry and IFHP application showing in my account without applying?

    Hi there, It's probably because you are under your wife's application. And they found an associated account under your name, so they linked them. Nothing to worry about! You know you can double check with CIC call centre. All the best,