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    WES from Osmani University Hyderabad

    I have done B.com and MBA from OU. Do i have to send transcripts of both the courses or just MBA?
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    WES ECS certificate expire??

    Some say that we have to do the whole eca process again and some say ordering an additional copy will extend its validity. Please help by giving a proper tested solution. My eca has expired and I want to renew it.
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    Does WES duplicate report renews date of issue?

    But on the wes website its given if we order for an additional report it will extend its validity date.
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    Does WES duplicate report renews date of issue?

    So how to renew the report? This means that we should get the evaluation done again?
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    WES ECA renewal

    I got my eca done in September 2013 which has expired now after 5 years. I had got it done by an agent in Canada so I don't know what email Id he had used that time nor am I in touch with him. 1. Does applying an additional report costing 30$ extend its validity and can be used for EE? 2. If...