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    Additional family information form - imm5406

    Hello guys, Could someone help me to understand to fill this form (imm5406e). I am sponsoring my husband in Canada class and he needs to fill this form out. We have a son who is 10 years old and he was born in Canada. This is where we got confused in SECTION B of this form. Should we list our...
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    Translation of documents

    Hello I have a question regarding documents translation. I need to translate two documents to English and I understand that I need to use certified translator who will translate the documents, then I need an affidavit and certified copy of original paper. This all will be done outside of Canada...
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    Landing Interview

    Hello, What is landing interview? Is it mandatory if you sponsoring your spouse inland? I am in the process of gathering infos and going crazy. Thanks
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    Financial sources to support you and the person you are sponsoring.

    Hello, I was wondering if you guys can help me. I am Canadian and my husband is Swedish and after 8 years of going back and forth we have decided to move back to Canada. Our plan is to come to Canada (he can travel without visa and stay in the country for 6 months), and apply for permanent...