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    2014 FSWP -WES ECA for MCA from India

    Hi, What did you specify for the major? I also did MCA and left the Major as blank as we do not have any specialization for MCA. Would that be ok?
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    Major: Not Specified in WES application

    Hi, I am in the similar situation. How did you resolve this? You were able to update your application or is it ok to have the major not specified? Could you please help.
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    What is the field of study for Master of Computer Applications?

    I have submitted my application to WES and as the field of study is not a required field, i have left it blank. What should be mentioned for field of study for MCA? Is it Computer science or Computer Applications or is it ok to leave it blank? My transcripts are not yet mailed to WES so can i...
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    WES from Osmani University Hyderabad

    I have no idea but in case of autonomous isn't the college responsible for providing transcripts instead of the university?
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    WES from Osmani University Hyderabad

    Here is some good news finally. One of my cousin visited OU examination branch and enquired about this. 1. while applying for transcripts online, The address proof that needs to be used is of the candidate and it has no relation with the WES address that we are mentioning there. 2. Since at...
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    WES from Osmani University Hyderabad

    Thanks for the update. I just checked my college and i see it is also autonomous now. I am a 2006 passout and it was not autonomous then. I too have my degree & PG certificates with Osmania University on those.
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    WES from Osmani University Hyderabad

    Suman, Did you finally get to apply for transcripts online for OU? I am also stuck on the address proof. Could you please help.