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  1. Cyberwhite

    Required documents to study in Canada

    What if I am from Ukraine and some of my documents have been lost?
  2. Cyberwhite

    When sending an invite letter for relatives, do we also need to disclose our bank statement? Tell me sir please

    Whaaaat? But they told me I had to! And some time later it seems they hint me for a bribe...
  3. Cyberwhite


    I think it's time for me to detox, too. And for a long time.
  4. Cyberwhite

    Business or Entrepreneur Visa?

    In general this affects quite a few factors that should be taken into account. For example when I moved to Canada, I (supposedly) needed a business visa, BUT. Due to the fact that I cooperated with a foreign call center in my business and purchased outsourcing service(this one...
  5. Cyberwhite

    Job Offer

    It doesn't look good. Usually employers have a more complicated hiring process. I recently hired a call center and we had a VERY complicated contract procedure. Of course, it's outsourcing + a lot of people, but still.