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    Test passed in Sept, no news for the past 4 months

    Tracker shows my application is still "In Progress". Nothing has been updated since I passed the test on Sept 7. I also tried to use Webform to update my address a while ago, but CIC failed to make the change. (PS: looks like we can now use online self service to update address.) Anyone else...
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    March 2021 - Citizenship applications

    Completed my test on 09/07, but application hasn't been updated for the last 4 months. Also updated my address through webform, they didn't change it. Only found out when I updated again using online self-service. What the hell is going on here?
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    Urgent Processing - Citizenship Application (Lets meet here )

    I was told by a recruiter that I must become a citizen before being eligible to apply.
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    Is this the real "IP"?

    Ah, thanks! I kinda knew it was too good to be true.
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    Is this the real "IP"?

    Hi all, I got my AOR on Jun 1 this year. One week later, a second email informed me that my application was created on Jun 1 and in progress and subsequently invited me to create an account to track progress. It looks like most people here have at least a month between AOR and IP, and 7 days...
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    Changing conditions on open work permit

    Hi guys, My OWP prohibits me from working in "child care, primary/secondary school teaching, ...", but my boss wants me to start teaching a climbing lesson (14+), so I guess I'll have to have that condition removed beforehand. To be honest, not sure why climbing lesson is considered child care...
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    Restrictions on PGWP

    Probably too late for the clarification. But I just called CIC this morning, and they said any course shorter than 6 months is exempted from study permit.
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    Open Work Permit "Unless authorized, prohibited from attending any educational institution..."

    I called CIC today regarding a first aid course with a local company, they actually told me I don't need a study permit even I wish to take a real academical or professional course from a DLI, as long as the course is shorter than six months. But you should definitely confirm that yourself.
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    taking a course while on a work permit

    It's a bit late for this, but I was in a similar boat. Then I decided to take this 16-hour first aid course because (a) the company I took the course with is not a educational institution (doesn't have a DLI); (b) the course is not academic, professional or vocational training in my opinion...