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  1. Humpholito24

    SOWP can continue working after spouse graduate?

    Once you get your final transcripts or graduation confirmation, you can't work even if your permit is still showing; it will expire in July. You have to submit a PGWP application to continue working.
  2. Humpholito24

    Date format

    Well, that will always be a mystery; at times, I get confused with what format Canada uses. VO will take it as it is. Unless your format day is higher than 12, VO will know you meant month; otherwise, resend your explanation via the webform, letting them know of the wrong date format.
  3. Humpholito24

    Dual intent or not? Study Permit application while waiting in the EE pool for FSW draw

    Dual intent is not illegal; just make sure your study permit application is strong enough to convince VO that you will return.
  4. Humpholito24

    Any idea what happens when timeline is passed for biometric ?

    You mean if you don't take your biometric within 30 days?
  5. Humpholito24

    How to fill IMM5645 Family Information form?

    If it asking for as signature you can do it electronically whether online or paper. I remember signing everything electronically.
  6. Humpholito24

    How to fill IMM5645 Family Information form?

    You can sign with a pen or electronically if you use Acrobat Reader.
  7. Humpholito24

    How to fill IMM5645 Family Information form?

    You can do that or type below your name if you can.
  8. Humpholito24

    Canada Student visa rejected 3 time please help.

    Commerce and Office administration is two different things. You can take office administration in your country. How will office administration in health services benefit you?
  9. Humpholito24

    Common law partner applied single on study permit extension, and common law in my pr application

    Any misrepresentation has a negative effect; as long as you let the VO knows, you should be okay. She should be okay when she let them know of the mistake.
  10. Humpholito24

    Can I apply for a SIN when there is a minor error on my Open Work Permit?

    You can go ahead and apply for SIN. I think the expiring date of your OWP is what is important to Service Canada.
  11. Humpholito24

    Applied SOWP on Jun 24th 2020(New Delhi)

    Did you email the office?
  12. Humpholito24

    Start an academic program without SP approval

    Well, technically, you were not supposed to even study before obtaining the permit, especially before the pandemic; you should have followed up with them. Second, it is a private school; I don't think it does qualify for PGWP even if it is a DLI school.
  13. Humpholito24

    Imm1294 cost of studies.

    It is all okay. VO will know it is your course's total course after checking your offer letter since it is an annual cost plus 4 months.
  14. Humpholito24

    Letter of Acceptance

    Maybe the school might be under investigation and might/might not lose their DLI status? I think.
  15. Humpholito24

    Mistake on IMM1294e form

    Just edit the same form, which I assume is on your laptop/computer folder, then send it via a webform and explain the error. Plus, I don't think it should be a concern because not every country uses "state".
  16. Humpholito24

    open work permit

    PGWP is an open work permit, you can work anywhere you want.
  17. Humpholito24

    Can I withdraw money in my bank ccount that I used in my visa application?

    It depends if you are applying under SDS or Non-SDS. SDS, you have to. If you don't get a visa, "can I withdraw the money?" I am assuming you mean by a refund from school? You will check the refund policy on the school website.
  18. Humpholito24

    Post PPR

    https://www.cic.gc.ca/english/contacts/web-form.asp You need to let them know that you need an extension; otherwise, I don't think they can take your passport beyond 30 days.